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Apex Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Apex Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 26-27
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A unique system of voting;
  • High standards of safety;
  • A great variety of search filters;
  • Emphasis on location;
  • Available a mobile app.
  • You can’t avoid scammers despite a reliable security;
  • Messaging is limited only by chats;
  • Video conference is not available;
  • No photo verification.

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Apex website was created for the second category. Sexual relationships and hooks up are in priority on this site. Unfortunately, the topic of getting sexual satisfaction online sometimes had bad stories and statistics. However, the moderators help people find a company to reduce stress, not to be lonely after a long working day, to stir feelings in piquant chatting. Everyone will find something for himself. The website is rather tolerant and it does not have a purpose to blame anyone or to take the moral high ground. That is why it does not matter if you have a traditional sexual orientation; you are a gay or lesbian, or perhaps you have just dropped your family. Apex does not ask about your religious status or what ethnicity you are. At the same time, there is another side of a coin. Because things happen, and some users have made a family in some time of dating. That is marvelous. Apex reviews show that moderators had analyzed numerous feedback and tried to correct old dating platforms’ mistakes. As every dating platform, Apex has its own rules, features, and restrictions. It is a high time to spend a few minutes reading the review and understand if you are ready to join.

As we can see, the website gives many positive units to its users. Apex team tries to do their best. They claim to be a modern and safe community. The moderators remind you about the safety rules because it is impossible to control everybody. Nevertheless, some members suffer from the absence of video calls, especially in the context of sexual communication.

How Does The Site Look Like?

Apex Review 2020

Stream internet development has the upper hand almost every day. Customers get used to new tendencies and look for modern and comfortable conditions. Apex website wants to be on the top of the list; that is why it suggests quite a laconic and functional interface. Light colors prevail in the whole page, and such a view does not distract from account photos and main links of the site. The main sections include «My Account,» «My subscription,» «Payment method,» «My wishlist,» «Top chart,» and so on. Besides, Apex provides many different functions for contacting. To begin with, the platform has advanced searching filters and location issues. Moderators believe in offline meetings of their members as well as online communication. Taking into consideration the sexual drive, it is very essential. There are gender, interests, cities, photos, and nearby users in the list of filters. If you wish a fast hook up, you can choose the function of showing only citizens of your city. Apex review proves that this function is very popular and viable when you want to go on your party time, for example. One more basic feature is the protection from fraudulent accounts. If someone insults you, you can inform about that at any time. Such users are blocked immediately. In general, the subject of this website is rather operable.

Registration Question Step By Step

Apex Review 2020

In case the basic features have attracted your attention, you might wonder how to become a member of this hot community. Modern registration procedure on dating sites must be fast and for preference connected with other social network accounts. People do not want to invent many different passwords and emails. It is not mentioned that the registration can be completed with the help of Facebook or Google accounts. Apex asks you about your gender and all the genders you are interested in. That is the first line that you must fill in, and it is very unusual. Be honest and include all your sexual preferences. But, there is no option to select a transgender person both as a gender and a date. The next step is a valid email address, which new users must confirm. Whereas you did not get a verification link, go back to the registration page and enter your email one more time. Be accurate and check every symbol. Remember that email verification is a very keynote step in registration. After that, spend two careful minutes to invent a difficult password for scammers. Apex website reminds you not to tell your password to other people. These three elements are enough to finish the registration steps. It is pretty fast and takes about five minutes. The same procedure is required if you register in the app first.

Profile Prescription

Apex Review 2020

As some Apex reviews say, your profile must be tempting as an aphrodisiac. After the registration is over, you need to create a luscious username and write the same personal description. In combination with eye-catching photos, your account will make a blow. That really matters when we speak about piquant online dating. In addition, you must mention your date of birth and zip code. Apex hopes for your imagination and creativity but understands that you do not want to spend hours filling in unnecessary spaces. However, there is a list of questions about your personality to open you better. Luckily, the website’s concept does not persist in giving answers, and they are not shown on the home page while searching. The moderators understand that you are anxious to start communication immediately. However, do not get so hot under the collar, and if you want well-deserved intimate communication, your profile must be unbelievable. Juicy pictures and splashy text will have a shot bolt. Since you have reached this moment, you can begin voting procedure or searching members by location.

What Should You Know About Special Features

Apex Review 2020

Because of a wide selection of dating sites on the internet, each website tries to distinguish itself by special features. Apex website also has what to be proud of. There is a voting system, which shows if you like another user’s account or not. Do you agree with such a careful and democratic system of estimating? These marks help to rate accounts and increase your popularity. What are the principles of its work? During the matching procedure, the website proposes you two photos, and your task is to vote who you like more. Consequently, the more likes, the bigger rate. As long as you have mutual likes, it is called matches on the website. In addition, Apex assists in closing in and making a real-life communication easier. It is not for nothing; the information about the location is required. Matching by neighbors is in priority on the platform. Nevertheless, the website cares about online chatting as well, and the special feature allows you to send presents to beloved accounts.

Few Facts About Mobile App

Apex Review 2020

Apex exists not only in the form of a website, but it has an app too. It is even better to say that an app is more popular and used. Some users admit that they had some troubles looking for a desktop version while the application icon is on the top of a searching page. Moderators believe that users should be in touch with twenty-four / seven, and that is why the application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. Such breakdown gives the opportunity to expand a customer database. The app allows reading new messages and getting notifications about them. In addition, a quick reply raises the tension and satisfaction from communication, especially for intimate topics. Apex review informs that some users prefer just using a mobile version of the site. Both the app and the mobile variant have the same design and list of functions. It is very cool that members are not limited in their choice and access.

Highly Select Functions

A list of available functions helps to encourage new users to join and spend time on the website. That is why everybody tries to create something unique, and Apex is not an exception. The main bead-roll has already been described, but there some more which can assume. The ability to play and earn special coins is not included in previous blocks. These coins you may spend on sending gifts or messages. But that is not it. Apex website gives you a chance to share these coins with other members. Such an event of kindness. It can be a great gesture from a generous man to a seductive woman. In addition, there is even a competition for users. The gaming process on dating sites is rather new in the online dating market, and it shows the level of platform development. Nevertheless, some Apex reviews do not admit such a playful effect because you need to spend additional time. When do we make love, they say?

Free Services

Apex Review 2020

Usually, when people register at a dating platform, they are not ready to pay for some extra features from the very beginning. They want to explore it better and get the maximum from the free functions. Especially when people are not always oriented on long-term relationships or family creation. Luckily, Apex provides its users with a long list of free services. Let’s discuss this in detail. As it was mentioned, the registration and a profile set up, you do not have to pay. It includes filling in some personal information, answering special questions, and uploading photos. Also, you can search for a match and look who is nearby. An important link shows only people from your city; for example, this link is also unpaid. Apex website does not charge money for playing a special game or taking part in competitions. It means that the majority of entertainment sources are free. In addition, you may read new messages both on the website and the app. Users really value such proposals. The majority of members are aged 23 to 30 years old, who prefer to spend money on something relevant and material rather than virtual dating.

Fee-Based Tools

Apex Review 2020

It seems that everything necessary is available for free. That is almost true on Apex. This platform has created a system of coins instead of a monthly subscription. These special coins you can pay for particular features such as sending messages and gifts to your beloved. There are only two fee-based tools on the Apex website. An interesting fact is that you should not always pay money to get the coins. There are two more ways to get them. The first one is to win credits playing a special game inside the website. The second variant is getting coins from other users as a present. Actually, the moderators help members not to pay money and give some alternatives. That is a unique system for the online dating sphere. Nevertheless, Apex reviews suffer from the prices that you must pay for coins. They claim the website to be rather expensive. For example, twenty coins cost 2.49 dollars, two hundred coins cost 19.99 dollars, one thousand coins cost 79.99 dollars, four thousand coins cost 249 dollars, ten thousand coins cost 499 dollars, and twenty thousand coins cost 689 dollars. It is not surprising that not every user is ready to pay such money.

Payment Methods

In case you have decided to send money for fee-based tools, you have several variants to do that. To begin with, you choose the number of coins you want to buy. Remember that there are six variants for choice. The next step is payment procedure via your credit card or PayPal wallet. Apex review informs that in comparison with other premium membership that is charged monthly and automatically, this website you rule yourself. It stands by misunderstandings between customers and the team and saves your wallet from the excessive absence of money. In general, payment methods on dating sites are convenient for all who are eager to.

FAQ List

Apex Review 2020

Apex is open to different questions and ready to give argumentative answers. The next block concerns the most frequent and important ones. Contact details:

  • Company Name: Apex Dating
  • Address: United States, New York
  • Zip Code + City: New York
  • Country: United States
  • Customer Support Email: Not Found
  • Facebook: Apex Dating
  • Twitter: @Apex_dating

How Do I See Who Viewed My Profile?

Apex website gives a wide range of services. It includes the possibility to see who likes you or who viewed your profile. You will get a special notification about that. You are welcomed to look through his profile and decide if you like him to. Such a procedure helps to create matches. Sometimes it happens that you may come across any suspicious strangers, contact the help line and block him. Such service was created not only for interest but for a safety measure as well.

I Lost My Password. How Do I Recover My Apex Account?

It depends on the situation. Remember that the website proposes you to remember your password when you enter it the first time. This means that you do not need to put it into the line every time. So, you can go to the regulations and enter a new password with the help of an email address for such situations. If you have made the whole exit from the Apex website, you can try to write a helping email and ask for advice and the following steps.

Is The Apex Free?

Many users first ask this question and then go to the registration page. Apex review gives must information about the exclusive list of free suggestions. This review also has a special block with a detailed answer to this question. But for example, you can create an account, upload photos, visit others, and get satisfaction from a pleasant interface without paying money. Can you imagine that?

Why Do I See Duplicate Profiles?

Apex has many users, and someone suffers from duplicating profiles. It is better not to take risks and block such accounts. No-one knows what purposes want to gain these duplicates. Remember that the hooks up the path is very slight, and more and more criminals have appeared recently. Bots to attract users and make them pay false notions, despite having no user base, mostly create fake profiles on dating sites. That is an incredible fact that many websites exist quite well because of such a procedure. It is not surprising that you may face everything on the internet, and you must not let the guards down.

What Happens In Case Of Blocking?

Apex Review 2020

If someone has blocked your profile, it means that all your future actions will be frozen. No messages and communication, no gifts, and pleasure. Apex website has a reputation of a safe community; that is why it struggles with scammers and abusers. In case you believe that you have been blocked by mistake, you need to look in settings and inform a helping line.

How Do I Block Someone?

Flirt on the internet often can be provided in the company of offenders; that is why you should have the option of blocking such accounts. Apex helpline works exactly for such purposes. Do not be shy and contact immediately. Remember that some scammers act much more seriously than only insulting messages. Things happen, and it may be dangerous for your life, especially if to take into consideration the location details.

Final Words And Target Audience

Apex can be compared with a whiff of fresh air among the apps. It is new and modern; young people like it because it satisfies their requirements. This website is developing sexual energy online, and it has reached great results in this sphere. Apex website was launched in 2016, and since then, it does not give any chance to feel lonely or get bored in the evening. A special link opens the track of progress on the platform. In the world of non-stop daily race, it is a great idea to look at your activity. Moreover, it does not matter if you are lonely or just got divorced; everybody will get his dose of pleasure. This app is unpaid and has managed to get a great base of accounts, which are welcomed to make their dreams true. This dating community has a high mark from users, 9.8 from 10 possible. The service is in the United States, but there are members from every place around the globe. That is so cool if you have always dreamt of getting new sexual experience with a person from another world. P.D. James, the Children of Men said: “If our sex life were determined by our first youthful experiments, most of the world would be doomed to celibacy. In no area of human experience are human beings more convinced that something better can be had only if they persevere.” There is an enormous hope that Apex review has helped you overcome all fears and shyness and decide about joining the website or app platform.

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