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Ashley Madison Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Ashley Madison Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 51%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 25 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No judgment on your intentions and easy access to the adult content;
  • Free-spirited users who openly discuss sex life and willing to share;
  • The website accessible from any location in the world in case you like to travel and find company in new destinations;
  • Well-polished security procedure that let you stay confidential about your data like contact details and name;
  • Females are not charged for the special features, hence a large user base and daily activity.
  • The paid features for males/females who seek females are pricey;
  • The search filters lack diversity.

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Dating with Ashley Madison is nothing like with other dating sites. Besides being one of the highest quality places, it is affordable and welcomes everyone. Starting from 2001, the site has been serving the needs of married people. It is a special place for people tied by relationships for some reason but wanting to enjoy life with other partners. The benefits are numerous. However, to know the service’s pros and cons, you need to read the Ashley Madison review.

Firstly, take a minute to find out what is waiting for you when you apply for the account. It is not a long or dull process. With this quality service, you need to put a little effort into registration and set up the page. Take a look at the membership base because it is impressive. The estimates say that there are about ten million users. The daily activity reaches thousands, and the new registration is coming. Ashley Madison website is a well-known and respected service, and that is why it does not leave the customers disappointed. The overall impression is that the users come to the site for privacy and freedom. It is a secure, protected, and respected service. Every company goes through the rough patch, though, and for this service, it was an issue with the leak of account details. It was a drive for improvement, and since that time, the procedures for protecting the data have been polished. So far, there were no complaints from customers. Hence, let’s see what is so attractive for people from all over the globe to come and mingle on the site daily.

The headquarters of the site is located in Canada, Toronto. The owner is Daren Morgenstern. The service was established in 2002 and gained popularity in 2004. It has official pages on Facebook, Instagram, and even an article on Wikipedia. As the owner claims, “Our life is way too short to limit yourself to monogamy”. Everyone deserves a break once in a while and has to let the imagination free.

Ashley Madison Review

Design Features

Ashley Madison reviews of the interface are predominantly positive. The users do not expect a high-tech website. However, with the high daily access rate, the site needed a strong platform. One of the greatest things about the interface is the design and visuals. The homepage contains a lot of photos of models.

The homepage is not filled with unnecessary sections. You can find the following sections:

  • Log in
  • Register
  • Change language
  • Download the app

Ashley Madison website also posts a lot of useful information about the service on the front page. You can see the description of how privacy works and what perks the service can offer you in general. When you scroll down to the bottom where the language change button is located, you can see an option to change your location. It is convenient in case you travel.

Design Features

Registration Steps

Since the website encourages you to protect your privacy, it is recommended to sign up using a separate email. You can use the spare one or create one for the sake of registration with Ashley Madison. As soon as you register, the notification about the site’s activity will be coming to that email. It does not offer you to connect it with the social networks, which is a positive thing. You want to keep the contact list separately. It also does not post any notifications about your presence on the site. Hence, you are all covered if you look for privacy. In general, the registration goes smoothly and does not make you work hard for it.

Note that your registration may take a little longer during the hot season if you upload a lot of content to your profile. The moderators are checking it, and it might take them a couple of minutes or hours. However, the rules say that every profile should be approved within 24 hours, and practice shows they get approved immediately. Contact the support of the site in case you have any inquiries or hesitate about something.

Registration Steps

Structure of User Profile

Your Ashley Madison profile contains the basic information about your background. It can be as much or as little as you want. The necessary stuff is location, age, nickname, and preferences. You have an option to lock the photo in case you want to upload the content for the private eye. The user opens your profile and can see a key. It is key to requesting access. As the practice shows, the profile with more photos gets more views and attention. You can also put a couple of words about your intentions. It can be an offer to have a conversation, hookup, casual dating, or relationships. The other options the user is given when they open your profile are:

  • Private Showcase
  • Send a wink/message
  • Add to favorites
  • Leave a member feedback
  • Block/Report

Your profile picture matters for the site since it should correspond to the code of conduct. The moderators are checking the content posted by the members from time to time. Even though the website is for adults and the content is not filtered much, there are some rules. Ashley Madison is fighting illegal activities and strives to protect privacy. Hence, every profile’s photo and information should belong to the account owner and not someone else.

‘Member Feedback’ section is also an exciting part of the profile. It gives you a clue about a person. Although it is a biased opinion, it often helps to get to know a person better.

If you want to get rid of your profile, there are a couple of ways to do it. First of all, think about whether you want to destroy it. You might have it deactivated with the possibility to renew. The support agents would just lock it, so other users cannot see it, and as soon as you come back, it will be alive again. You can also erase it and destroy the data on it. In this case, the data about you will not be saved, and if you wish to come back, you need to start the whole registration process from scratch.

You select the nickname on the registration stage, and if you want to pick a different name, the service is fine with it. You are not required to go through the identity check and send your ID. Register with a nickname and browse the profiles privately.

Structure of User Profile

Special Functionals

  • ‘Priority man’ is a feature that allows you to place your profile in the spotlight for some time. The users will see you in their search results, and the profile will be highlighted.
  • ‘Priority Mail’ is a similar option to the profile highlight. In this case, your message receives the status of priority and goes on top of the incoming. It helps you not to lose the connection with a person. Ashley Madison reviews from users show that this feature is highly appreciated by males specifically.
  • ‘Traveling Man’ is a feature that allows you to be in a company of a like-minded person anywhere in the world. If you have a business trip, vacation, or want to explore another country with someone, get in touch with the people from Ashley Madison. You are welcome to have a chat with the person, decided what your plan is, and have a fantastic time together. It is different from any other platform because users of this site have the same intentions as you, so there will not be a misunderstanding about being married or committed. People in your destination area will receive a notice that you are coming and decide if they want to get to know before the arrival or no. You can send notifications to not more than 30 people.
  • ‘Message plus’ is a partially free bundle that a user gets to try. Its trial version ends in thirty days, and you will be asked to pay for it. This feature enables you to talk to anyone you contacted previously without limits.
Special Functionals

What About a Mobile App design?

Luckily, the Ashley Madison website is not the only version of the service. It exists in a mobile app and is free of charge. The users of Android and iOS can access it through online app stores. It is a small app, and it installs in a couple of seconds. The app does not require a lot of registration steps or installation steps. You get to use it as soon as it’s downloaded. Besides, it is a quick and stylish app. It has nice visuals, an interface that comes in multiple languages, and lots of features. If you were using the site before, getting to know the app is a piece of cake since they are identical. All the features of the desktop version are transferred to the app. Finally, the icon of the app on your device will not give away the content.

What About a Mobile App design


  • ‘Additional privacy settings’ allow the user to manage the account and make it as private. You can share the profile with friends, all people, or hide it temporarily and be incognito.
  • ‘Blog’ is a section where you can find a lot of information on dating, extramarital relationships, adult content, and other things that you were always curious about. It is regularly updated by the experts that work on Ashley Madison reviews of trends. For example, if you are new to virtual sex, there are a couple of articles that will satisfy your curiosity and boost your confidence.
  • List of favorite users. You are free to create a list with not more than 100 people on it. These are the profiles you fancy and want to visit more often.
  • Winks. In case you are a guest member, and you still do not know what subscription to get, communicate with other users with the help of winks. You can send winks and see if the users are replying, to be sure that they are real and not being played. It is an excellent way to communicate without putting too much thought and effort into it.

What Services Come for Free?

Ashley Madison website has two categories of users. These are ‘Guest’ and ‘Full.’ The category of ‘Guest’ includes women who want to find men. Like women looking for women or men looking for men/women, all other users will have to purchase the subscription.

The free female members enjoy communication with all the users, blog, profile management options, and more. They do not need to bother with the subscription since all the features serve their pleasure.

As to the men and women who look for female partners, they can become guest users. Their membership will have different terms, though. They can browse the website freely, access most sections but not use them. For example, they can send winks and likes but not talk to people. Some profiles will be locked for them or locked for communication with them. Guest users can get the ‘Message Plus’ package since it has a trial version. It is fair to say that free stuff on Ashley Madison gives you enough capabilities to understand what kind of service it is and decide what kind of money you are willing to spend on it.

What Services Come for Free

What Services Come with the Fee?

The service offers one of the most convenient payment systems. It works for everyone, and the Ashley Madison reviews prove that. The user is not obliged to buy a package with the standard set of features. Instead, the user has an option to select the features they want to pay for. Whether it is two or three options or the whole set, the user is in charge of spendings. It is a convenient and cost-saving way.

The set of paid services includes advanced communication features. For example, all user profiles are open for you to contact unrestrictedly. Also, you get the features of having your profile and messages from you in priority for other users. One of the most commonly used services is ‘Travel Man.’ Anytime you are on a trip, people in the area will be informed, and you will have candidates who want to meet you.

The packages that the site offers vary. It can be either a package with more capabilities and cheaper in terms of monthly price or a short one, which comes more expensive. For example, the ‘Elite’ package charges you $289 and gives you 1000 credits you can use. With that package, your profile also gets highlighted, and you have the option to start 111 conversations. The other package is called ‘Classic,’ and it gives you 500 credits. The price per credit is $0.34 and $169 in total. Last but not least, a 100 credit package costs $59, and it lets you start conversations.

What Services Come with the Fee

Payment Process Review

Ashley Madison review of payment options shows that the systems it cooperates with are numerous, and it is very convenient. Since people use the website in different countries, the service needs to support various payment options. Hence, you can even go for a gift card. Among the perks of purchasing from Ashley Madison is that they cover the receipt’s name, so your purchase is private, and nobody knows what you got. Besides, you ca pay traditional ways like credit cards and PayPal.

Note that there is a guarantee on the purchase. It is called ‘Affair Guarantee’ that the site gives you to ensure that your site’s experience is successful.

Payment Process Review


How Do I See Who Viewed My Profile?

One of the sections that show you the visitors of your profile is located in the top bar. It is called ‘Viewed Me”. It is available to you, depending on the package you purchased.

What are the Actions on Lost Password and Account Recovery?

If you forgot the password, open the Ashley Madison website’s homepage and click on the ‘Login’ button. It will take you to the form where you fill in the login details. The bottom line will say ‘Forgot your username or password.’ Click on the button to proceed to the password recovery. The email with the instruction will be sent to you right away.

Is Ashley Madison a Free of Charge Service?

It is free for females who look for males. The service is not free of charge for females and males who look for females.

What is the Reason for Encountering Duplicate User Pages?

Address the support of the website with this request since there can be several reasons for that.

What are the Consequences of Being Blocked?

If you want to limit certain users’ access to your account, you have a couple of options. Firstly, you can block them. In that case, they will not see your profile at all, even if they try to find you via the search bar. Secondly, you can change the privacy settings on your account.

What are the Consequences of Being Blocked

What Options Enable Me to Block the User?

Open the profile and scroll down to the bottom. There are two options: ‘block’ and ‘report.’ If you want to report someone, you need to specify the reason for it. If you click on the ‘block’ button, the user is automatically banned from your account, and no explanation is needed.


Ashley Madison is a platform developed for people who know their needs. It is a safe environment for people who want to be untied from a commitment temporarily. Whether you are looking for a mistress of a virtual friend or even a good quality show to watch, the website is your place to go. The user base is immense and diverse. You can meet people from any country in the world, any nationality, and age. Another benefit is the price of pleasure. You can afford all you want, and your wallet will not suffer greatly. It is not obligatory to use paid services only. The communication features that come for free are enough to satisfy your desire. Although Ashley Madison reviews are full of comments from people who became loyal customers. It is a good offer for the price and time spent. The registration and navigation on the site are convenient for any user. It is designed to bring you a good time, not a headache. Forget about being noticed or judged because it does not happen here.

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