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Badoo Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Badoo Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 550 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Badoo is a website that possesses the best features of the social media and dating platform;
  • It is affordable and accepts various payment options regardless of the country of origin;
  • It offers a free application as well as the registration procedure;
  • Badoo review of profiles guarantees that the real people are owning the accounts and prevents scamming;
  • The profile is easy and free to edit. All the information can be modified at any time;
  • Registration using your Facebook account is possible.
  • The Code of conduct is strict, and some accounts are blocked without explanations;
  • The matching algorithm is not developed, and the user is mostly looking for matches manually;
  • A lot of interactive features are pricey, and the site keeps asking for the upgrade.

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The dating site/social media Badoo was discovered by users in 2006. A Russian entrepreneur started it as an app that was incorporated into Facebook. This is how the app got fame. After six years, the app separated and became an independent service with the mobile and desktop versions. Badoo website gained as much popularity as the app. Besides, the service emphasizes its difference from competitors like Tinder and Bumble. It is not only a hookup site but a platform for friendships and socializing.

Becoming an international dating site is not simple nowadays since the competition is intense. However, Badoo is pretty successful at covering all the continents and most countries of the world. It comes in different languages and works on any browser regardless of the type of Internet provided, device, etc.

Among the benefits of the service is, for sure, the matching algorithm and the search options. Besides, there are free features that are so numerous that most users do not purchase the subscription. The app is very convenient for traveling. Whether you are going to China or Brazil, there will always be a match for you since the membership base is about 350 million people. Badoo reviews indicate high rates of customer satisfaction in most countries. The stats show that Russia, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, and the Czech Republic are the app’s biggest fans. The average age category represented on the site is 25 -29 y.o. People look for all types of relationships on the site, be it a simple hookup or a marriage. Badoo website is not a niche one. It is a universal one that seeks to satisfy the needs of different types of audiences.

Badoo Review

Website Layout

Badoo website surprises with the colorful design and minimalistic style. It is not cluttered with buttons or irrelevant apps. On the homepage, you can see the count of users who joined the site and the registration or login forms. Scroll down to see the links to downloading the app to your mobile device. It is recommended to download the app from the official website to avoid troubles with illegal software. On the bottom menu, you can find the help center and the code of conduct. The help center has a search bar where you can type in the keyword. You can find the answers to your billing questions as well as the technical ones.

After the registration, the user is taken to the profile page. The page contains all the options used to manage the account. All of them are easy to use, and the website is simple in navigation. The features of managing your account are free and straightforward to use. You can upload photos, manage your privacy settings, purchase/cancel the membership plans via your account. If you access the site from the desktop version, you can see ‘Encounters’ and ‘Nearby’ on the bugger screen. It is convenient to open it on a desktop as well as on a mobile device. Since the website works in the international arena, it has its interface in multiple languages.

Badoo website and app does not allow you to find the users by the personal details you might know. If you want to find a friend or someone you like by name or email, it will not work. What you can do is to integrate your contacts from Facebook. You can also like the app on Facebook, and your friends will see your recent activity in their feed. The website, as well as the app, are closely tied to Facebook and rely on it a lot.

Website Layout

Overview of Registration

Badoo is one of the platforms that is tightly connected to social networks. The registration can be done via Google, Mail.ru, Yandex, VK, or Facebook. It also requires verification of your phone number. Signing up does not require much time or effort. You need to fill in the necessary details about you, select the user name, and provide the contact details. After you fill in the registration form, you need to verify the account via a link. There is nothing like a personality test or obligatory procedure to go through before diving into the singles pool. You are free to start using the site after a couple of simple steps. Badoo requires you to link your social network account to it for the sake of privacy. It verifies your identity using the existing account and saves your time.

Overview of Registration

Profile Layout

Badoo profile contains primary sections:

  • Location of the user
  • Profile photo
  • Verified or not verified status
  • Intentions (‘I’m here to’)
  • Social media accounts
  • Languages
  • Options to like/dislike or chat to a person
  • Online status (can be shown or hidden from other users).

When you create the profile, remember some basic principles. Firstly, the photo you upload should be appropriate. It should contain you and not a bunch of random people. It should also be proper in terms of content. The moderators are checking the photos, and in case it contains some unauthorized content, the photo will be blurred. Besides, Badoo is mainly a free service, and user profiles are visible to everyone. So, even the user who has not finished completing the profile can see yours. Hence, the hint for you. If you do not want to be seen by other users, you can leave the profile without a photo but still browse it.

The Badoo reviews of profiles show that the users tend to have no text description. However, the photo albums are always full of pictures. Most users leave their status visible to others. In case you cover it, you get fewer chances to be contacted by the users. It also depends on how users access the site. The stats show that many people switched to the mobile version of Badoo. It means that people are more about visuals now than the text. The desktop version is used by the older generations mostly.

Another option available is uploading the video introduction. Not many users have their video content open for the public eye but if you want to be more popular on the app, add some short videos.

Profile Layout

Unique Features

Badoo aimed at combining the most significant features of the socializing platforms. Later on, the platform became more oriented on dating than communicating like Facebook. Unlike social networks, Badoo does not have a news feed. To stand out from the crowd, the owners introduced some unique features.

  • ‘Lookalike’ is a unique feature introduced to the website in 2017. The aim is to use face recognition techniques to find people who have the same features. As a result, people identified many celebrity doppelgangers.
  • ‘People Nearby’ is a section that takes you to potential matches. Based on the location, the app and website identify the closest matches for you to talk to. You do not have to communicate with people in your area only. You are free to browse around the world and find users from different parts of your country or even foreigners.
  • ‘Encounters’ is a section where the potential matches are presented to you. Unlike the previous section, these are the people who matched with you because of your interests. Besides, the app will show you when you were in the same location as the user. Potentially, you have already met a person but ignored them.
  • Voting. Your picture is shown to members, and they have to assess it. As a result, you participate in voting, and your profile gets a rating.
  • Awards. Badoo can give you awards or so-called badges for some achievements. These are the achievements of your profile. It can be an award for being rated highly by other users in the voting or any similar achievement.
Unique Features

Is Mobile Application Worth It?

Badoo reviews of mobile apps are flawless. It has excellent technical characteristics and works bug-free. The app does not require a lot of memory on your phone or unique device characteristics. Using the app is very convenient. It has the same functions as the desktop version; however, the features based on location are better used. It is also convenient due to notifications. With the app, you can always react to people on time. The registration procedure also goes smoother with an app since you can upload the photo from your phone gallery. Experts say that when you use the app, the focus is placed on your photos and not many users look at the text. When you open the profile from the desktop version, there are more chances that you will read the content in addition to looking at the photos.

Is Mobile Application Worth It

Additional Functions

Besides having a set of unique features, the Badoo website has some other minor options that might be similar to the other dating platforms. To find out how to use every feature, refer to the help center or customer support agents.

  • Verification. Badoo’s website has been accused of weak security policies. Hence, the owners decided to improve the procedure of protecting the data and verifying accounts. As a result, the verification and link to social network accounts have been introduced. If you want your profile to be visible, you need to verify it.
  • Blog. Badoo review of the latest dating trends and relationship recommendations are presented in the blog written by dating experts.
  • Search. The service has been blamed for the lack of a sophisticated matching algorithm. However, the users are more than welcome to apply the search filters to find matches. In many cases, people prefer to be in charge of the list of matches. Unlike some apps that control the list of people the user can talk to, Badoo opens all the users’ opportunities.
  • Credits are boosters that increase your popularity and chances to meet more people on the site. Your profile will be featured as one of the 100 best profiles on the site. It will come up in user searches and attract more attention. You can get a pinch, handful, pile, or mountain of credits. The price is $2.99, $9.99, $19.99 or $39.99 respectively.
Additional Functions

What Services Come for Free?

Badoo website and app are famous for offering numerous free services. These are the features that allow everything from the setting up of the account to communication:

  • Applying filters in searches;
  • Checking out other user profiles;
  • Getting in touch with the premium users;
  • Access to ‘Encounters’;
  • Profile verification;
  • ‘Lookalikes.’

Although it seems like the free stuff is enough, there is a limit in their usage. When you pay for the subscription plan, you get unlimited access to certain functions, and with the free account, your pleasure might end unexpectedly. Hence, checking out the free features is fantastic but do not delay your purchase of the subscription. It costs a little, and you will not regret a dime spent on it.

What Services Come for Free

What Services are Paid for?

Badoo pricing policy is user-friendly. It does not aim at ripping you off and leaving you with nothing. Whether you are a new or old customer, you can always jump from one subscription to another or even remain free. There are a couple of subscriptions you can get with the Badoo website:

  • One day for $0.79
  • One week for $3.99
  • One month $12.99
  • Three months $31.99
  • Six months $47.99
  • Or the subscription called ‘Lifetime’ for $79.99

One day subscription is an excellent chance for you to get acquainted with the service and see whether it is worth buying. You will get access to all the best interaction tools and the large Badoo membership pool. The matches come right after you complete the registration, so a 24-hour trial is more than enough to make your final decision.

What Services are Paid for

So, what are you paying for:

  • See who has you on the list of favorites;
  • Vote and cancel the votes;
  • Browse profiles anonymously;
  • Have access to the list of the most popular users;
  • See the full list of people who liked you;
  • Send messages to other users and have them highlighted as a priority.

The other set of services can be purchased with the credits:

  • Be on top of all the user searches;
  • Be mentioned in Encounters more often;
  • Notifications to users as soon as you go online;
  • Additional tools for chat (emojis, gifts, stickers).
what are you paying for

Payment Details

Badoo is a secure website that protects your data. You can be sure that attaching a credit card is safe. Another option you can use to pay is PayPal or mobile phone. For your convenience, Badoo offers to switch on the auto-renewal option. When your balance needs topping up, it will be automatically done if you attach the credit card. Note that the receipt will not mention Badoo.

Check out the ‘Terms of use’ to find out about the refund policies. In case you want to consider a refund, note that it is possible in rare cases.


Where Can I Find a List of My Profile Visitors?

All the users who looked at your profile can be found in the section ‘Visitors.’

Is It Possible to Restore My Badoo Account If I Forgot the Password?

If you lost the password or it does not work for some reason, open the login page and click on the “Forgot Password.’ The new form will come up asking you for an email or mobile phone. These should be either email or phone numbers with which you registered. Further instructions will come to you in a letter or text message.

Is Badoo a Free of Charge Service?

It is not 100 % free of charge service. Badoo offers a range of paid and non-paid services to all users. You can be a guest user and enjoy the limited amount of communication functions or pay for the subscription and become a premium user.

Is Badoo a Free of Charge Servicer

I See Duplicate User Pages. What is the Issue?

In case you see the same profile many times, and you suspect the duplicate profiles, contact the Badoo website’s support for more details. You can do it via the contact form.

What If the User is Blocked?

The blocked user cannot send you a message or do any actions on the account. However, the blocked user can look at it.

Is There a Way to Block a User?

If you want to limit someone’s access to your profile, you need to open it and click ‘Block or Report User.’ Mind that even though blocking stops the user from messaging you, the profile will still be visible.


Most Badoo reviews claim that purchasing the membership was a smart investment. The price you pay is worth it. It works on a simple principle of matching users depending on their location and some interests. Although it cannot brag with the fancy matching system and interface, the effectiveness stands the competition very well. The service has been on the market for more than a decade and never failed to deliver the users’ desired results. Badoo gathered a broad membership base. With about 350 million users, you will never spend the evening alone. Whether you are going on vacation, work trip, or going out locally, the app will always entertain you. You can either go for someone close to you and meet within an hour or start a conversation with someone who is very far but has the same interests. As to the intentions that people pursue on the site, the situation is vague. Many use it for the hookup. There is a field in the profile called ‘I’m here to.’ Open the profile, and you will know right away whether the person is worth your time. Badoo is expanding and introducing new features, and a couple of years ago, it acquired another app.

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