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Bumble Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Bumble Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 85%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 560 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The most comfortable environment for women to be in since they are not harassed with unwanted text messages and actions;
  • Although women are in charge, the number of male users is high;
  • A short profile description is required. Hence the registration takes a second. Plus, connecting your Facebook account is possible;
  • Precise and useful matching system. It results in conversation in almost 60% of cases when people got a match;
  • Bumble resembles Tinder but without the negative features of the legendary swiping app.
  • Males cannot initiate the conversation;
  • Even females are restricted in timings; the message should be sent within a day or else the match will disappear;
  • The search criteria are not detailed, and it only allows search based on as little as location, gender, and age;
  • A lot of inactive accounts.

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The launch of Bumble happened in 2014. Unlike other apps, this one was designed to satisfy all needs of women. The revolutionary and risky approach to the business strategy made Bumble the creator of the feminist approach in dating.

With the shift from patriarchy in relationships, women became empowered to take control of their dating life. Waiting for a gentleman to ask you out can lead to forever alone life. Hence, the Bumble website founder decided to set up the site that lets women be powerful. Not only it empowers women but forbids men to make the first step. As a result, women are not attacked with the messages fro males who are not always gentlemen.

Bumble review cannot skip the fact that its founder is an ex-employee of Tinder. This giant of the dating industry became a challenge for Whiney Wolfe since she got into the harassment scandal. She decided to go public with her case and quit her job to set up a new, better service. It is not just a job for Whitney but a desire to help women who got into the same situation and prevent similar incidents.

As a result, Bumble reviews from users state that the service is very similar to Tinder, and it is hard to tell the difference. Even the colors of the website are similar. However, the principal difference lies in the approach to women’s rights on this platform. Yes, Bumble works by the principle of swiping and liking profiles, but some features have been modified, and others added to make it stand out and differ. In the end, it is hard to make a unique product nowadays since the number of dating platforms is excellent.

Bumble Review

Website Design

Bumble website is designed with a taste. It is a website created by women for women. Its colors are yellow and white. The overall impression is that the platform is stylish and modern.

The sections are logically located on the page. The website has many pages, and moving from one to another is easy. Bumble navigation is simple in general. You get notifications about everything that is happening, and if you are a new user, there will always be an instruction for you on how to proceed.

Visit the homepage to find the detailed descriptions of all the features that the website can offer and find links to downloading the app. Besides, you can use the website to contact customer support. The agents are quick to react to any inquiry or complaint regardless of your plan.

On the bottom of the page, you will see Bumble’s official pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Lower down, some important sections are placed. These are ‘Terms and Conditions’ and ‘Help Center or FAQ.’ The help center offers you to contact the support, but before that, you can open the existing knowledge base with the previous questions and type the keyword in the search bar. For example, you want to know how much the subscription costs, then type in the word ‘subscription’. All the relevant questions will come up along with the answers and solutions.

On the bottom of the page, you can also find the language switch. The interface comes in many languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, and Portuguese.

The website is developed with the user in mind. It is friendly to a user of any age category and works smoothly without any glitches. The same concerns the app.

Website Design

Steps of Registration

The easiest way to save time and effort is to connect your Bumble account to Facebook. Note that it copies your contacts and gets access to the email you used to register with Facebook when you do that. The site asks for the contact details on your account. It also automatically copies the profile photo and some necessary information like name, gender, age, etc. From the information that the app collects off your Facebook account, it gives you the immediate matches. The overall impression of the registration is positive. It is quick and painless. However, the synchronization of data with the other account is not always a positive thing. Check out the profile and proofread it since it might copy the old information. Besides, it copies the photos that you might not want to share with the potential dates. Sometimes the app copies the photos you were tagged in, which might not be the best shots taken of you. So, look at it again and delete it if needed. You can then change the language of the interface if the default English language is not suitable for you. The app should not do any post on your page on Facebook. However, it might show that you like the app on the newsfeed of your friends. To fix that, you need to change the privacy settings in your Facebook account.

Steps of Registration

Creating & Decorating Profile

The Bumble review of user-profiles identified that many of them have more than five photos. Exciting statistics say that profiles that have more than six pictures are more popular than others. Having one picture only is a dead-end on the site.

Your profile is visible to all users regardless of the subscription they have or do not have. You are free to update and delete your profile description at any time. The standard bio cannot be longer than 300 characters. Hence, you will notice that most profiles are not very descriptive. It again emphasizes how important the visuals are on this app. Although you might be frustrated by the fact that profile is short, Bumble reviews are only positive on this aspect. The users identified that there is a lot to talk about without the need to read it. It is more offensive when the user fills in the profile, but others do not read it anyway.

Creating & Decorating Profile

Special Functionals

  • ‘Spotlight session’ is a feature that costs two coins. You top up your balance and turn on the session to become at the top of searches. Your profile gets into the spotlight for thirty minutes. When you turn in the spotlight, be prepared to spend some time on the app since the number of visitors on your profile will increase.
  • ‘SuperSwipe’ will require a lot of coins on balance. Let’s say someone impressed you, and you wish to get a reply from that person. You do not want it to end up in an unanswered message. Get the coins to send the ‘SuperSwipe’ to the person by clicking a heart icon on their profile. In that way, the guy will know 100 % that you want to talk, and you are not messing about.
  • ‘Bumble Bizz’ is a feature that makes the Bumble website not only a dating platform but a social network. You can use it to find meaningful business connections, friends, and co-workers. With this feature, you can look for a job, apprenticeship, or a business partner. Bizz mode needs switching on. These are separate modes that you want to use for dating and working.
  • ‘Bumble Hive’ is not a feature but more like an activity that the site organizes. The owners of Bumble arrange the parties, meetings, seminars, or conferences, and all the users are welcome to come. The themes vary: it can be a St.Valentine’s Day party or a business conference. Hence, whether you are a Bumble or Bizz user, it will be useful for you.
  • ‘Bee Hive’ is equivalent to a blog. It has a lot of materials on the topic of dating, relationships, gender equality, modern trends, fashion, etc. If you feel like you have nothing to talk about with the person, dive into the blog and find lots of controversial topics to discuss.
  • ‘Bumble Bff’ is another mode for people who are not interested in dating that much and want to make friends. If you feel like socializing but not romantically, switch to that mode temporarily.
Special Functionals

Is There a Mobile Version of the Service?

Bumble app is a modern and stylish app. It is compatible with the most existing mobile devices and iPads. It can be downloaded for free and installed within two seconds. It also does not require you to have a powerful Internet connection. The memory will not suffer from its size since it is small.

Registering with the app is also convenient since you can quickly pass the phone verification. Later on, you can take photos via app and save the trouble uploading them.

Note that Bumble is working in many countries, but some still ban it. If you are an Android or iOS user but you cannot find the app in the online store, it might mean that your country bans it. To know more, contact the support.

Additional Info

  • ‘Snooze mode’. If you want to go under and not be visible on the site, turn on this mode. You are welcome to select it for as long as you want.
  • Reverse matches. It is a handy feature for those who like to swipe without thinking well. It happens at times that you are swiping and forgetting to look, saw a guy, liked him but swiped off. No panic since there is a reversing feature that will save you just for a couple of coins.
  • Badges. Every profile has icons or badges on. They mean certain things. For example, you are willing to accept phone and video calls. Bumble will give you the badges, and other users will know that they can call you.
  • The matching algorithm on Bumble is simple and not very sophisticated. It does not look for the very exact prototype of your ideal match. It takes into account your characteristics and finds people similar to you. If you want to have a better match, look for it yourself. However, note that if two profiles matched but did not start communication (exchanged messages) within the next twenty-four hours after matching, it will expire. To save the user, you need to apply an extension purchased with boosts or be patient and wait till the match is created again.
Additional Info

What are the Free Features of the Service?

When you first check out the Bumble website, it looks like everything is free. You can set up the profile, add photos, contact customer support, and become a registered user. There are no prices on the buttons, and you get your daily matches. However, the number of users on the site is so great that eventually, you will want to stand out. For that, you will need to invest in your profile promotion a little. The free services that you will always get are:

  • Daily list of matches;
  • Registration and free app download;
  • One rematch per day;
  • Chat & Messenger.
What are the Free Features of the Service

What are the Premium Features of the Service?

The number of daily matches for you is limited in case you are a free user. So, you will be given a list of people to like or dislike, and after that, the website asks you to upgrade your account. The notification with the coins’ prices comes up and offers you to buy one coin for 1.99 USD, 5 coins for 7.99 USD, 10 coins for 14.99 USD, and 20 coins for 24.99 USD. With the coins, you can get ‘SuperSwipes’, and ‘Spotlight session’.

If you want to get the subscription, you have the following options:

  • One week trial version for $8.99 only;
  • One month short package for $24.99
  • Three months package for $49.99.

What other features come with the subscription? A lot of options you wish you had on other websites, but they never appeared. Bumble introduced ‘Rematch’, ‘Busy Bee’, and ‘Beeline’. The ‘Rematch’ option is self-explanatory. It costs a little to go back to someone you accidentally swiped out.

As to the ‘BusyBee’ feature, it is useful for Bumble peculiarities. Since the woman is the first to text, the reply should come within the next twenty-four hours. If the reply was not sent, their match is gone. So, you can extend this invitation for conversation and let the guy some more time.

What are the Premium Features of the Service?

Payment Details

Bumble reviews of payment options are positive. The users had good experiences with completing their payments using various payment systems. One of them is a credit/debit card. It is a traditional method used everywhere in the world. Regardless of the card you have, the payment will go through, and it will be secure. Bumble website is protected by firewall and SSL certificate, so all the payment procedures are encrypted. Another payment option to use is PayPal. It is convenient to ask for a refund and complete the payment with this system since you are not dealing with cash but electronic money. Plus, PayPal has a customer support service that works day and night to sort out all your inquiries.


Where is the List of Profiles That Viewed My Page?

The option to see who swiped you right is available to users with the premium subscription. If you are a free user, you will receive the notification about someone visiting your profile, but you will not be able to see the person.

Where is the List of Profiles That Viewed My Page

Is It Possible to Restore My Bumble Account If I Lost My Password?

Restoring your Bumble password is possible with the help of an email or mobile phone. It takes a couple of seconds to receive the link with the instructions and change the password.

Is Bumble a Free of Charge Dating Platform?

Bumble is partially free service. It offers limited access to the features on a fee basis and charges fees for more advanced tools.

I See Two Identical Profiles. Is There a Glitch?

If you see identical or duplicate profiles, reload the page and contact the website’s support or app with the issue. It can be a glitch on the site, or someone created two accounts by accident. In any case, two duplicate profiles should not exist on the site, and the moderators can fix it.

How Does Blocking Limit the User from Accessing Your Profile?

If you block someone, the user gets on your list of blocked. You can find it in the profile settings in case you ever wish to unblock them. Blocking means that the person will not be able to contact you again, and previous conversations will be erased.

Is It Possible to Block the User?

‘Block/Report’ button is located on the left bottom corner of the user profile. You can block the user in case you feel like they are disturbing your peace.


Bumble reviews are nothing but fantastic. With 90% of satisfied users, the app is leading the market in the right direction. It is a new approach, and both genders seem to like it. Initially, the users had concerns about how the principle of not letting a man pick the woman will work. Eventually, men fell in love with the app and admitted that it works smoother than any other website.

The app is fantastic in all aspects. The price is affordable. It is used in many countries around the globe. It works on the principle of matching people by locations, age, gender, preferences but also allows them to be in charge and do their search. Unlike other apps that control the list of matches, Bumble is letting you all the freedom. If you want to speed up the process with someone, you are welcome to send them SuperSwipe and get an instant reply. Not only communication in chat and via email is possible but also a video and phone calls.

Last but not least, the service is not a purely dating one. You can network and socialize. Making friends and lovers at the same time is possible without spending ages on registrations. Because the site has different modes, you can switch from one activity to another using one app only. It is safe to say that Bumble is among the great representatives of dating sites on the market.

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