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eHarmony Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

eHarmony Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 79%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 78 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • eHarmony strives to provide the highest quality service and protects personal user data;
  • The membership pool is immense and reaches about 10 million;
  • The matching algorithm is unique. It is based on the real psychological test that every user takes;
  • Compatible with the smartphone and desktops;
  • Several free features for members without the subscriptions;
  • The payment for the subscription can be divided into parts;
  • Real stories of success and positive user reviews.
  • Search options are limited, and the site controls the list of matches;
  • Fake and inactive profiles are numerous, although the verification procedure is supposed to be strict;
  • The price of the subscription is above average.

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The launch of eHarmony is celebrated on August 22 of 2000. It is fair to say that the service is a pioneer in the industry and one of the most influential platforms. Its reputation precedes. The stats say that about five hundred people get married daily thanks to their eHarmony website meetings. It is easy to check it. The site has all the information on the activity of users and their success stories. Even more, users eagerly share their eHarmony reviews on various feedback platforms. Hence, collecting the data on the functioning of this service is a piece of cake. It is well-spoken about and well-known to people in the United States and overseas. The head office of the company is located in California. Neil Clark Warren is a founder and CEO of the company. The service has official representation on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and even Wikipedia.

A brand is focused on setting up the people who want a long-term relationship. They come to the site to go through the lengthy registration process, which promises them to find the one. So, if you are reading about this service, you should know that it is not the best place for hookups and playing around. The platform is suitable for those seeking marital commitment, family values, and forever partners. About ten million users gathered on the platform. Approximately fifteen matches appear every fifteen minutes. The site works day and night to match people appropriately. It is a ray of light for people frustrated with the swiping apps designed for casual dating. There is a misconception about online dating that says it cannot lead to anything serious. Read on the eHarmony review to see how this service dispels the online dating myths.

eHarmony Review

Website Design

The interface of the eHarmony website is well-designed in lovely blue and white colors. It is a website with multiple pages. The homepage takes the user through registration and login. It has an educational part where you can read about the service and its aim. The section ‘About us’ on the bottom of the home page takes you through its background and motto. Do not forget to look at ‘Terms of use’ since this section contains a lot of information about your rights and obligations.

Since the site has more than one page, the user gets confused. The homepage has a button ‘About us.’ When you click on it, you get the service’s short story and more options on the bottom. The sections ‘Help’ and ‘Dating advice’ appear. ‘Help’ section contains the questions about the service that might have been bothering you.

Unfortunately, the website has hidden gems that many users struggle to find. For example, the section ‘Dating advice’ has a whole magazine and blog behind it. The experts write the articles on the modern dating trends, give relationship recommendations, and talk about problems every couple goes through. It is a place to get more information on talking to people, especially for someone who is hesitating.

Website Design

Guidelines on Registration

Unlike other services, eHarmony could not optimize the registration procedure and fit it in two minutes. It is one of the long steps that will require your time and focus. Firstly, it is possible to register using your social network account or Apple account. However, the profile will not be shown and registered unless you take the personality test to define your compatibility with other users. The trick is in your answers. It offers you questions with the scale as an answer. You need to say whether the statement describes you or not and to what degree. If you get tired halfway and start ticking random answers, you will not be satisfied with your matches. Getting matches that do not fall under your preferences costs money. So, you want to do your best and be honest with your replies. Make time for it and think carefully. The algorithm is worth it. It is hard to say how much time it takes to answer the questions. The quiz contains about seventy questions, and you need one or two minutes to answer them. It is not a university test, so no rush. Besides, remember to be genuine. For example, in the section that asks you about how patient or romantic you are, do not imagine yourself as a romantic movie hero. Be honest, not to mislead the person.

Upon finishing the registration, you will have your login details to save in the browser for convenience. The password is quickly restored, and for safety reasons, it is good to change it once in two months.

Guidelines on Registration

How Should Your Profile Look?

The profile dramatically depends on the compatibility test. You get a set of questions about your worldview, your life, background, and current status. Some questions are focused on your appearance, some on personality, and some on the financial status. All the vital information is collected, and you are in charge of arranging the visuals. It is up to you to upload the photos to your profile and select whether you want to share them with the public or not.

Note that eHarmony is not a service for speed dating. To find a good quality match, you need to have a good profile. It should be detailed and active. If you spend a little time filling it in and do not attend it very often, you will not get the credibility.

The profile is divided into sections. Some of the sections are:

  • Religion
  • Intellect
  • Romance

Every section has information on users and your compatibility with them. It brings us back to the fact that you need to give real information during the quiz, not mess up your matches.

eHarmony went through a transformation after the scandal about being not gender friendly. Since the initial registration form had options for straight people only, the users were not satisfied. After the heated discussion, the owners made it LGBT+ friendly.

How Should Your Profile Look

Special Features

  • ‘Video Date’ is a feature that was introduced not long ago. The eHarmony reviews from users called for the feature to be added, and the developers managed to improve the service. It works especially. To enable the video options, the users have to exchange three messages each. After that, you will see the icon ”+” and select whether you are using a phone or web camera on your laptop. Note that your phone and app should be updated to use the video. Check the stores for updates in case the camera does not work.
  • ‘What If’ option enables you to find more matches. In case you feel not satisfied with the matches that the algorithm gave you, get the paid feature and receive +30 matches that will surprise you. They will be selected randomly, not based on your quiz results.
  • ‘Question’ is an option created to facilitate communication between users who lack confidence. Click on the question prepared for you and sit back, waiting for the reply. There are no automated replies, so you will not end up having a pre-written conversation.

Special Features

Characteristics of Mobile App

eHarmony mobile application is as practical as the desktop version. It reflects the same functionality. After downloading the app for free, you can register or login, take the test, and set up your profile. You can upload the photos from your phone. Also, using the video feature is much more convenient with the mobile device than the camera. The app has one drawback in the shape of advertisements. It is not a critical amount of spam on the screen but can be annoying at times. Good news is the app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

More Functions

  • ‘2Factor Authentication’ was introduced to protect the login details and the account. It sets off when the attempt to enter your account from the new device or browser appears. The site detects it and asks you to open the email and check the code sent to you on the attempt to enter the account. If it is your account, you will sort this in two seconds by typing in the code. In case someone else is trying to log in to your account, you will be notified about it.
  • ‘Icebreakers’ were developed for people to have some phrases for initiating the conversations. It often happens that people feel insecure and do not know what to write. Your greeting does not have to be fancy but if you hesitate, then use the pre-written sentences.
  • ‘Personality profile’ is a section with the guide on creating your profile and being successful. It helps you design your page and make sure you gave the needed information for the matching algorithm to work effectively. Besides, it offers you an option of ”Personality check,” which means that the phone number will be verified via SMS, and the profile will be qualified as official. It lets other people know that you are a real user.
  • Smiles and winks. These are the interaction tools that are very useful for those who have not paid for membership. Since text messages will be disabled for such users, smiles and winks are the best options to initiate the conversation. As soon as the user replies and shows interest, you can upgrade the account to talk to them.
  • It does not have a search bar with the filters. The website sends the matches you get. They are generated automatically, and there is no way for you to find the person yourself. However, you can categorize the matches you got by location, age, and gender.
More Functions

Non-Paid Features

eHarmony website is proud to pamper the users with free services. The free service starts as soon as you register or download the app. Taking a test and setting up your profile is free of charge. Right after the registration, you get the test results that define your future on the site. As soon as the test is done, your first list of matches comes. You can look at the profile, open the photos, and send them winks. Talking to other users is a paid feature already. However, you can see who looked at your profile without paying for it. It takes up to an hour to generate your matches, so no worries if you do not see anything right away. Although you cannot communicate with people with a free account, you can still see the compatibility rates and decide whether it is worth buying a subscription.

Getting a subscription at eHarmony brings you lots of perks. Firstly, you can click on any section, and it will be available. You get to see all your matches and even get extra ones with the ”What if” service. If you want to meet people outside your preference list, the feature will help you out. Probably the most attractive feature or superpower you have with the paid subscription is texting anyone anytime. The sky’s the limit, and you can send hundreds of messages.

eHarmony offers a couple of subscription plans that depend on how much money and time you want to spend. The six months subscription costs $197.70 ($32.95 per month). It is called the Light package. The other one is a Plus package, and it costs $22.95 per month and $275.64 in total. The Extra plan for two years costs cheaper per month, and it is only $17.79 ($431.28 in total).

Paid Features

Paid services you can get on eHarmony are:

  • Access to account stats (visitors, people who added you to their list of favorites, people who viewed your photos);
  • Remain anonymous and keep browsing all the profiles you want;
  • Use the distance search tool;
  • Unlimited interaction tools.

Payment Info

eHarmony website, as well as an app, work in many countries. It means that the payment options are not limited. The currency of the prices on the site is provided in dollars. Hence, when deciding which payment option you want to go for, check your conversion rates. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal. Address the support if you want to know about the conditions of payment for your specific payment option. Using the app is the quickest way to pay. You need to download the app, and the payment will go through Apple Pay or Google Pay.

The amount you need to pay for the subscription can be paid in parts or a single payment. You can either divide it into two or three installments.

Payment Info


Where Can I Find Information on Who Visited My Profile?

You can see your account’s stats in the settings, and the section ”Viewed me.” To see the full list of visitors, you need to be a premium user.

Is It Possible to Restore My Password on eHarmony if I Lose It?

The account recovery takes a couple of minutes. Open the homepage and click the login button. Select the option to restore the password and receive the instructions to your e-address. It is essential to indicate the address you used to register. The site will not send the instructions to a new one.

Is eHarmony Free of Charge Dating Platform?

eHarmony website and app offer a set of free services. They include registration, a shortlist of matches, basic interaction tools (likes and winks). For more advanced communication tools, the user needs to upgrade the account. The price depends on the type of package.

Is eHarmony Free of Charge Dating Platform

What is the Reason That I See Duplicate User Profiles?

In case you see a couple of profiles that look like duplicates, address the support. It is recommended to take screenshots as well.

How Does Blocking Option Work?

When you block someone, the user stops seeing your profile. The conversations are still there, but there is no photo on them, and the profile will not open. The same would apply to your profile; if you blocked someone, the user would not find you even using the nickname and search tools.

Where is the Block Button?

You can block a user as well as report them using the button on the profile. These buttons are also located in your inbox on the incoming messages from the users.

The Verdict

To summarize the eHarmony review, a couple of points should be mentioned. The service collects your information and uses it for the analysis. After completing the analysis of every single user profile on the site, it matches them. The website identifies your compatibility level with other people, and it is vital to provide genuine data about yourself. The membership pool of the site allows you to be picky. Not only it has loyal customers but a good influx of newcomers. Besides, your location does not matter, unlike the other apps that tie you to one place and limit your choice. Since online communication differs from the real-time one, you have to feel comfortable. Talking to someone online might seem misleading, and trust issues might appear. With eHarmony, you have some security. You can be sure that personal data is protected, the users are checked and not fake, and that they came to the site for the right reasons. The matching algorithm is designed in the way that you will not encounter people who do not have any attraction to you. Yet, when you feel like taking a risk and talking to someone out of your league, you can pay a few dollars to get extra matches. The fact that eHarmony keeps track of the couples who meet and marry using the service means taking their work seriously. It is not a platform that looks for people who pay once and leave. The result it strives for is marriage and long term commitment. Hence, you can stop looking since eHarmony will sort you out.

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