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MeetMe Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

MeetMe Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 26-27
Profiles 2 100 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • MeetMe has an impressive database of users
  • Free communication services
  • Ability to win credits and even money
  • Fast registration
  • Neat and uncluttered layout
  • Offers mobile application
  • Isn’t suitable for searching for long-lasting relationships
  • The platform contains many scammers and fake profiles

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Want to take a deep dive into the world of online dating and hookup? Then this MeetMe review will come especially in handy. Here you can feel real freedom, communicate with anyone you want, and express your feelings. The developers of the community are rather generous since they offer communication features for free. You can hardly meet free messaging options on other websites.

Starting from a neat and appealing layout and ending really unique entertaining features, this platform definitely has a lot to offer. Apart from the desktop experience, MeetMe delivers a first-class mobile experience. With the well-designed application, you can do all the same things, communicate with your admirers, browse pictures as on the PC version with one difference being on the move. Sounds like something you are looking for? Wait – there is more!

The community has just an impressive database of users. Over 100 million users worldwide are ready to communicate, share their life and relationship experience, and just have a fantastic time together. 50 million users are from the USA, meaning you will definitely find someone to communicate within your proximity. With 41,000 daily logins, you can meet many people online whatever part of the day you log in.

Since the platform has a social media site structure, it allows the users over 13 to get registered. It is worth mentioning that most similar platforms don’t allow users under 18 to join their communities. Although MeetMe doesn’t include any explicit content, it’s not that safe to use it for a teen under 18 years old.

So, what is so special about this community? What features make it stand out from the rivals? Is the platform worth the investment? You will never find the answers to these questions in other MeetMe reviews, but this article contains all the most essential information that will help you figure out whether this community will work for you.

User Interface Peculiarities

MeetMe Review 2020

When you first visit the site or download the app, you will be impressed by their modern and fresh layouts. Purple and white colors aren’t destructive. Instead, they catch an eye and allow you to focus on the main thing – finding a perfect partner to talk with. Since the target audience of MeetMe is young people, the majority of members use the app version, so it’s not surprising that it looks more developed and clean.

With smooth navigation, excellent performance, and a straightforward interface, using the platform is a breeze. You can easily reach any function offered by the platform, use the instant messages, browse profiles, etc.

The Process of Registration

The fast registration process on the MeetMe website has different sides of the coin. The good one is that you won’t need to specify many details, and the overall process will take you around 2 minutes. The bad one is that the platform doesn’t require account verification and asks you to provide only the basic info such as your name, email, gender, and birth date. There is no opportunity to tell your admirers about yourself, your expectations, and other essential dating information.

However, after a quick sign up process, you can immediately use the features of the platform. Also, the system offers you matchmaking suggestions right after you become using a platform. However, these suggestions are based only on your sexual orientation, age, and location. It is worth noting that you can change the location during the process of registration.

Also, the platform offers the opportunity to sign up via Facebook. This process is even faster compared to the registration via the email. All the necessary info will be duplicated from your Facebook account to MeetMe.

How to Create a Profile

MeetMe Review 2020

Setting up the profile on MeetMe is as easy as ABC. The personal pages of users don’t require many details. You will need to specify only your name (it may not be real), location, sexual orientation, age, and marital status. Also, there is a special field where you can write a word or two about yourself. However, all this info isn’t enough for the user to understand the certain member suits all his/her taste.

The site doesn’t check your background or provide an account verification, which is a substantial drawback in terms of security. Apart from providing basic info about yourself (which the majority of users don’t do), you will need to upload a photograph. According to the numerous MeetMe reviews, many users use over photoshopped or even fake photos. This doesn’t give you a guarantee you communicate with a person you see in the picture.

The site has a setting section where you can adjust who can see your profile, images, and personal info. It is worth mentioning that browsing users’ personal pages and viewing pictures is absolutely free of charge.

The moderators don’t manually check the users’ accounts for authenticity, meaning the platform contains artificially-created profiles. So, you should be very careful when communicating with members. Don’t reveal your personal data and especially your credit card information.

Features That Make the Platform Stand Out

MeetMe has a rich array of exclusive features that appeal to the users and make the platform stand ahead of the rivals. The developers offer some features free of charge while the other requires spending some money. If you don’t want to miss anything interesting, keep track of this list, and good luck on the platform!

  • Questions. This is a super handy feature for those who are afraid of making the first move. If you have no idea how to start a conversation but want to talk to a user, this feature will help you with pre-written questions. Just send questions to the users, and they will ask them. Thus, your conversation will flow. When you send a question, your identity preserves anonymous. However, it will be revealed once your question is answered.
  • Secret Admirer. It allows you either to entertain yourself or meet new interesting people. You will get an alert that a secret admirer wants to contact you. However, his or her personality isn’t revealed. Instead, you will see several photos of different members, and your task is to choose the right one. You will have 5 tries, and if you guess correctly, you can get in touch with the user.
  • MeetMe Online. You can show off your creativity and talents by streaming services online. It is possible to interact with the viewers. And the spectators can reward the streamers by sending them virtual gifts, which the performers can later exchange to the credits or real money. As you see, creativity is encouraged.
  • Quick Pick. This feature is available only on the mobile app. It emulates the algorithms of a Tinder swipe right/left game. The system will show you a photo of a random member. You can either like it and continue the conversation or skip the user.
  • Profile Themes. You can highlight your profile and make it stand out using one of the pre-designed profile themes. This is a paid perk that allows you to draw more attention to the audience and attract more admirers.
  • Incognito mode. If you want to hide your personality, you can go for an incognito mode. This is a paid advantage available on MeetMe that allows you to browse profiles anonymously. Thus, the paid members will not be able to see who has visited their personal pages.
  • Priority message. You can enable the feature to make your messages appear at the top of the users’ inbox. This increased the chances the members will respond faster to your messages.
  • Friends List. As in the traditions of the social media network, you can add the MeetMe members to your friend list. This is an excellent opportunity to always follow their feed and browse the pictures. The more friends you have, the more popular your account will be.
  • Blind date. Once you get in touch with a member via video call, you can’t see him or her immediately. The picture is blurred, and you can see just small details of the member’s appearance. As the conversation flows, the picture appears less and less blurred until the picture appears clear and crisp. At this stage of the conversation, you can decide whether you like the partner and want to continue the conversation or not.

Mobile Application

MeetMe Review 2020

The mobile application definitely stands out from its desktop contender. Apart from being more pleasant-looking, it has smoother navigation, well-developed features, and an intuitive interface. The application has an impressive performance and excellent design. The icons and fonts are large and look quite stylish. It is lightweight, and you can easily download and install it on your Android, Windows, and iOS device.

Since most users opt for the MeetMe app version, the developers focus mostly on its development rather than the PC version. Some features are available only on the app, so your dating experience will definitely benefit from using it.

The application has numerous positive reviews throughout the web. It is a reliable product that allows you to get connected to numerous interesting people, entertain yourself, and spice up your social life.

Other Useful Features

Aside from exclusive features, the MeetMe website has a rich array of other no less useful features that will help you effectively organize your dating journey. Some of them have a communicative approach, while others are aimed to make the users have fun. Check the entire list in order not to miss any useful perk.

  • Matchmaking Suggestion. As a free user, you can enjoy free matchmaking suggestions every day. They are based on your current location, age, and preferences. If you like the person, feel free to initiate a conversation. It is free of charge.
  • Instant Messenger. MeetMe incorporates the latest technologies on the website. This refers to the instant messenger. It employs numerous features, such as emojis, fonts, and gifts. All of these allow you to spice up your conversations, highlight some important details and just have fun with your friends and admirers.
  • Advanced search filters. Aside from the basic filters, the platform offers an extended one. This allows you to specify the desired parameters that you would like to see in your future partner. You can search for the person by height, sexual preferences, body shape, occupation, interests, etc. Thus, you can find a partner that will suit all your desires.
  • View who is currently online. It is possible to browse only those profiles that are currently online. This increases the chances your message will be responded to immediately. It is always more convenient to talk to strangers who are online.
  • Remove ads. By default, both the desktop version of the site and the app contain ads. If you feel like they distract you from your chatting, you should spend some money. The feature Remove Ads is included in the paid membership plan.

Free Services

MeetMe Review 2020

MeetMe provides its users with a slew of free services. You can achieve a full experience without the need to purchase a paid subscription. Check out the whole list in order to make the most of all paid features.

  • Register account
  • Create profiles
  • Matchmaking suggestions
  • Messaging options
  • Live streaming
  • Online users
  • Searching options
  • View users’ personal pages
  • Browse pictures
  • Questions

With paid services, you can considerably enhance your dating venture. If you become a premium member, you can make the best use out of additional features, such as:

  • View who has seen your profile and pictures
  • Get rid of ads
  • Extended searching options
  • Priority messages
  • Incognito mode
  • Profile themes to highlight your personal page
  • Blind date feature
  • Secret Admirer

Price List and Payment Methods

MeetMe Review 2020

The Premium membership on the platform calls MeetMe+. It comprises 3 subscription options of different durability. However, some features are not included in the MeetMe+ package and are required credits to purchase them. There are 5 credits plans of different levels. Compared to the rivals, MeetMe offers low-priced services, which attracts even more users to the platform.

There are three payment options that allow you to pay for the services conveniently. You can use your credit or debit card, PayPal account, or mobile phone payment. In all cases, the MeetMe transaction will appear in your billing sentence. If you opt for a MeetMe+ subscription, mind that it will renew after the expiration. If you don’t want to renew a certain plan, you can cancel the subscription by visiting the Setting section.

If you want to become a premium user for one month, be ready to pay 6.99 dollars. The 3-month plan will cost you 16.99 dollars, which is 5.66 dollars per month. The most beneficial option is a 6-month subscription, costing 24.99 dollars. This is only 4.17 dollars per month.

Those who want to but credits can choose from 5 packages:

  • 250 credits for 2.99 dollars
  • 500 credits for 4.99 dollars
  • 625 credits for 9.99 dollars
  • 2000 credits for 14.99 dollars
  • 3700 credits for 24.99 dollars

The average cost for one credit is 0.01 dollars.


The FAQ section is a must to consider in this MeetMe review. Find out the answers to the most common questions in order to easily solve your issues. Also, the site has a responsive customer support ready to give you professional assistance 27/7.

How To Check Who Has Visited The Page Of The Member?

MeetMe incorporates the ability to view the users who have visited your personal page. However, this feature is available only for those who have availed of MeetMe+ membership. Visit the Views section and choose the Who Viewed Me tab. Thus, you can see your admirers. There is also a tab called Who Has Viewed My Photos. It allows you to check the users who have examined your pictures.

How To Recover A MeetMe Account If The Password Is Lost?

Sometimes it happens that the members can forget the password and can’t access their accounts. Go to the Forgot Password section and specify your email address. The guidelines for recovering your password will be emailed to you. You should nominate a new password and save it in a safe place to access the platform without any hassles.

Does MeetMe Offer Free Functionality?

MeetMe offers numerous free features that allow you to achieve an all-in-one dating and communicating experience. Apart from the messaging options, the platform offers innovative features that don’t require additional purchase. You can enjoy live streaming, innovative search, matchmaking options, and more just being a registered user. However, if you want to explore the platform’s entire potential, it is recommended to avail of the paid subscription and buy credits.

Why Does The Member See Duplicate Profiles?

Duplicate profiles are multiple accounts that include information of the same individual. Duplicate accounts typically occur by mistake that requires people to use a single sign-in. You can merge your accounts by contacting the customer support team that will help you to save all the existed data into a final profile. To do this, you should validate your identity.

Can The Blocked Member Use The Platform?

In this case, the user will not be able to access the platform, neither using the desktop version nor the mobile app. Even if you are a paid member, you can’t access paid features. Although your credits will be frozen, it doesn’t refer to subscription. If you think your page was blocked by mistake, immediately contact the customer support.

How To Report Or Block A User?

If you feel like the user has an offensive behavior, you can report their page to help the moderators find fake accounts, scammers, and violators. Just visit the profile of the member and find the appropriate button. In case you don’t want to continue communication and the user annoys you, you can add such a profile to the blacklist. On the MeetMe website, visit the profile of the members and choose the option Add to the Blacklist. These features ensure a hassle-free and non-irritating experience.

Bottom Line

MeetMe Review 2020

Considering all the features, pros, and cons of the platform, you can see that it works more like a social media website than a dating community. It is focused on social interaction and communication rather than matchmaking suggestions and organizing dating events. While the platform may be a nice place to spend time doing something in a pleasantly desultory way, its security measures leave much to be desired. It has a lot of violators that can disturb you by sending vulnerable and offensive messages or those including sexual innuendo. MeetMe can hardly be determined as a platform for finding a reliable platform for long-lasting relationships. Instead, it is designed for casual flings, hookups, and one-night stands. Nevertheless, it is a great way to meet new people just to chat or have a great time.

Even though some transgender people are registered on the platform, there isn’t any special search to quickly find them.

Is MeetMe worth your time and money? Definitely yes, if you are a young person who wants to jazz up your social life by talking with like-minded people, chatting, streaming videos, and others. It incorporates enough free features to ensure first-class online experience for both mobile and desktop users. So, feel free to get registered on MeetMe if you want to spice up your daily routine.

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