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OkCupid Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

OkCupid Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-26
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Large and active community
  • There is a mobile application for both Android and iOS users.
  • Neat design
  • Standard users can’t see who has liked them
  • Annoying adverts

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The fact that there are lots of dating sites may make the choice of the best one a real challenge for people who have no previous experience. When one seeks a reliable, neat platform with all necessary options free of charge or at least at a reasonable price, there is one service that immediately comes to the mind. OkCupid is a well-known platform for online communication since 2004. The developers constantly update and change the platform to meet the requirements of modern daters. As a result, they create a user-friendly dating space with lots of essential options, free and paid services, and a great support system. If you do not know all the potential of OkCupid, then this review will help you learn everything better, and finally, make your own assessment whether to try the website or look for some alternatives.


OkCupid Review 2020

Some people find an interface design to be one of the most important things in the overall online experience. It is not surprising that users want to get as much comfort as possible without wasting time understanding what option stands for what. In the case of OkCupid, you will be satisfied for sure. Just after entering the website, you can see an inspiring quote and funny pictures. The main page also looks nice and straightforward. You can quickly find the main options in the top menu, each section of which leads you exactly to the place you need. The pages load fast and do not make you wait for too long. The developers of the OkCupid website know what their visitors want and constantly work at realizing all their dreams. That’s why the dating service interface looks up-to-date and user-friendly, so even novice members will feel comfortable and ready for online adventures.


Perhaps you know that most dating services today require going through a registration procedure. OkCupid is not an exception, as well. Sign-up here has such peculiarities as:

  • The entire process takes up to 10 minutes
  • Registration via Facebook is allowed
  • It is possible to import images directly from Instagram or Facebook
  • New users must answer the questions of personality test
  • Subscribers receive quick match offers after creating an account

The administration also requires to fill in some basic information like location, name, birth date, and email address. If you do not feel like wasting time on stuff like this, choose an alternative way to sign up for the portal. You can create an account via Facebook, and as a result, all available information on social media profiles will be shared with the dating service. Further, the provider asks you to answer a special set of questions and tell you about your religion, preferences, hobbies, habits, expectations regarding relationships, and sexual orientation. Thanks to this simple questionnaire, the system will match you with another user more accurately, and the connection will turn out to be successful for sure. A suggested match will be measured in percentage and shown to you. That’s why it is important to be honest while answering the questions as these answers will influence matchmaking algorithms’ work.

Profile Set-Up

OkCupid Review 2020

A profile is your chance to catch the attention of other OkCupid users. The developers place your photos at the top of the page that are followed by more detailed information about your individuality. As the practice shows, just a few members write a detailed description in the section “About me.” You can’t leave it blank, so at least several sentences who you are and who you are looking for are essential. This is the way most users act. They create a brief self-introduction with main keywords and place them under the profile photos. All next fields are covering basic information which is asked at any other similar website. However, unlike most of them, OkCupid developers want you to fill all fields, so you have no chance to leave them without an answer and must write at least something. So, let’s summarize once again all details about profile set-up:

  • You can browse the profiles of other members for free
  • The profiles are really detailed
  • All uploaded images are public
  • Users need to fill all available fields
  • They should answer the comparability test for more accurate matches
  • It is possible to unlock individuality traits, hence make their own profile unique

Special Features

OkCupid Review 2020

The developers of OkCupid always try to do their best, that’s why they added a few great special features that aim to convert usual online communication into a top-rate dating experience. Here they are:

  • Double take. This matchmaking feature allows you to swipe left or right, depending on whether you like the definite person or not. Its roulette-kind option makes the overall dating experience funnier and more engaging. If you are fed up with usual activities and want to make your life full of bright moments, then Double take will help you achieve this aim.
  • Boost. It allows you to highlight your profile, which means it will be shown more frequently in the searching results and Double take’s suggestions. Hence, your chances of meeting someone special are increased considerably.
  • Stacks. Since OkCupid has a large community, you may feel confused with the numerous matches a system offers you. With the “Stacks” feature, you can sort them in accordance with any available categories like “Online,” “Nearby,” etc. In other words, you will not lose important contacts and stop feeling lost in all those numerous matches. This feature will especially appeal to those who like to have an order in everything, even when it comes to building romantic relationships or hot short commitments.

As you can see, the admin team wants you not just to use the service to meet the person you are looking for, but get as much pleasure as possible on the online dating platform.

Mobile Application

OkCupid Review 2020

People who appreciate their time and comfort prefer a mobile application since they can use it from any location: café, store, seashore, bus stop, etc. The users of the OkCupid platform also can enjoy this incredible convenience and download a mobile application to their smartphone. Meanwhile, the app doesn’t offer any additional features; it improves the user experience for sure. You can find all buttons as tabs at the bottom of the screen and choose whatever you need. As for the Double take feature, it is more convenient to use on the mobile phone as you can just swipe left or right with one finger click. In case you swipe right, the system shows the percentage of your compatibility with a particular member. A pop-up window will encourage you to write a message, but it is up to you to decide whether to initiate a conversation or not. A mobile application allows you to update all searching results fast so you will not have to wait for too long. Overall, it has such significant peculiarities:

  • The matchmaking system has a roulette-type mechanism
  • Some may load not very quickly
  • The user interface is quite nice and convenient
  • The functionality is similar to a PC one
  • All options are conveniently arranged in tabs
  • It is necessary to scroll down to view the whole profile of a user
  • A nice choice for users on-the-go

If you want to check how the app works and whether it can meet your expectations, go to Google Store or App Store and download it in a few seconds. Launch the application and test the provided options. Soon you will decide whether it is what you need or not.


OkCupid Review 2020

Most OkCupid Reviews state that along with special features, the developers come up with nice common options that work well and allow you to get a great experience on the go or within the comfort of your house. Among them are:

  • Who likes you. It is possible to check who liked you. This information is shown on the “Likes” tab but is available only for paying OkCupid members. Such capability will help you cope with shyness and get in touch with a particular person.
  • Who you like. You can stay close to the users who are appeal to you. They are shown in the “Likes” tab allowing you to message them as often as possible.
  • OkCupid blog. The blog contains a lot of useful information on how you can benefit from the website and a mobile application. The developers also share efficient tips on dating and give you recommendations on how to receive the most out of the search and succeed with the partner’s choice. All in all, you will definitely find something interesting and useful on the OkCupid blog.

Free Services

Like most online dating platforms, the OkCupid website offers two types of subscriptions for all users. Basic membership is absolutely free of charge and doesn’t require any investments. It means you can register an account and surf the website without any payments. According to OkCupid review, the provider has such free options as:

  • Creating an account
  • Searching for suitable matches
  • Reading and writing messages to other users
  • Viewing the profiles of other subscribers
  • Participating in Double Take
  • Checking the list of members who like you

As you can see, all basic essential options are free, so you will not have any problems with finding a suitable partner and messaging him/her. It is very convenient for people who try dating services for the first time and are not sure that a paid account makes sense for them. But if you want to enjoy the top-rate experience, then perhaps you should consider a premium subscription.

Fee based Services

OkCupid Review 2020

Premium subscription requires investments and can be purchased at any time you want. In other words, you can start your experience on OkCupid in a status of Standard user and upgrade your account later if such a desire and necessity appears. The developers offer two types of paid subscriptions, which are A-list basic and A-list Premium. The difference lies in the provided options. Look at the prices to understand which one suits your budget more:

A-List Basic Subscription

  • 1 Month $7.95
  • 3 Months $6.35 per month or $19.05 in total
  • 6 Months $3.95 per month or $23.70 in total

A-List Premium Subscription

  • 1 Month $24.90
  • 3 Months $22.90 per month or $68.70 in total
  • 6 Months $19.90 per month or $119.40 in total

Depending on the plan you choose, you can enjoy such options as:

  • Check who likes your profile. With a paid account, you unlock the feature that lets you know who likes your profile and demonstrates interest in your personality. As a result, you can initiate communication without being afraid of possible refusal.
  • Switching off the advertisements. According to OkCupid reviews, the website includes a few advertisements that may irritate the users and prevent them from getting a full bunch of pleasure while navigating the website. For some money, you can get rid of disturbing ads and go from one section to another easily, having a clear screen, free of advertisements.
  • See public answers for particular questions. Thanks to upgrading the account to a premium one, you will be able to read other community members’ answers for questions you are interested in. It means you will know what a particular member thinks on a definite issue and be able to understand whether you have the same point of view or not.
  • Automatic boost of the profile every day. If you want to attract more attention and appeal to other people more often, this option will move your profile, making it visible for other subscribers. They will visit your page more often, hence the chances to meet that very person are higher than with a basic membership.
  • Messaging priority. While communicating with another member, your conversation is on the top of the list; hence the user will read it quicker than others and respond at once. You will not have to wait until they find time to write you back.
  • Applying advanced search filters. People who take things seriously and want to build long, strong relationships will like the opportunity to make the search more personalized. Set up filters in accordance with your expectations from the person you are looking for. The results will be more precise, allowing you to save time for chatting with suitable interlocutors rather than wasting it for unnecessary acquaintances.

Also, the developers offer the option “Boost” that highlights your profile in the searching results. But it is not free of charge and also requires investments:

  • 1 Credit $1.99 per credit
  • 5 Credits $1.89 per credit or $9.45 in total
  • 10 Credits $1.69 per credit or $16.90 in total

Payment Options

OkCupid Review 2020

The developers of the OkCupid website offer the most wide-spread payment options which you can use to replenish your account in just a few minutes. Among them are credit card, PayPal, and a mobile phone. It is necessary to be very attentive while filling in all banking details not to make some mistakes in the long run. Also, pay attention that the website supports auto-renewal option so the funds will be transferred from your account automatically on a particular day. You can refuse from it by visiting account settings and turning the option off. If you have some problems with transferring money, get in touch with a support system to clarify the question you are interested in.


OkCupid Review 2020

Sometimes people catch the website’s overall idea at once, without the necessity to spend days and nights trying to understand how everything works. In other cases, members seek assistance or guide to a successful performance within the platform. If you hit the second category, this FAQ section will be a real godsend to you. It highlights the most common issues from profile to activities, so you will surely answer the question you are interested in. But if it doesn’t list the question you need, then get in touch with the support system and ask specialists for quick, professional help.

How Do I See Who Looked Through My Profile?

The developers allow you to know who liked your profile only when the interest is mutual. Until another person showed interest in your profile, you have no chance to find out whether they viewed your page.

How Do I Recover My OkCupid Account If I Lost Login Or Password?

Do not start to panic if you lost your password since it doesn’t mean you can’t return to your online activities with the platform. It would be best if you got in touch with a support system. The attentive specialists will provide you with detailed instructions on how to restore your password and back to usual navigation on the OkCupid website.

Is OkCupid Free Of Charge?

OkCupid Review 2020

OkCupid is not completely free of charge. Yes, it provides features that do not require investment and can help you achieve your purpose, but there are also many paid options. It is up to you to decide whether to upgrade your account or not. There are no obligatory fees that you need to pay.

Why Do I See The Same Profiles?

Duplicate profiles are a big problem for many popular dating websites. If you come across two identical profiles on OkCupid, you need to be very attentive and careful since one of them may be fake. Sometimes they both stand for the same person who lost the password and decided to create a new account instead of restoring the first one.

What Happens After Profile Blocking?

After blocking the profile, you restrict access to your profile and do not let a particular member get in touch with you. It means the user will not be able to bother you anymore and quickly stop writing your messages; hence, you will chat only with those users who appeal to you.

Can I Block Someone?

If you want to block someone on OkCupid, you should think several times to make sure that you are not eager to communicate with this member. If your decision is final, then go to this particular member’s profile and find the relevant option. Or, you can browse chatting and click on three dots on the messaging bar. That’s all; now you can breathe with relief and go on enjoying communication with other members.


OkCupid Review 2020

At the time when online communication becomes an integral part of people’s lives, it is so important to find a suitable and reliable website. The number of providers is just endless, and all of them constantly compete with each other trying to attract as many subscribers as possible. This is when OkCupid comes in. Despite a long history, it is constantly updated and refreshed with new features and capabilities. You can launch the website either on a PC or a mobile device; be a paid or a standard subscriber; make a very detailed profile or a short one. This service always comes up with alternatives and lets you decide what is better for you today.

Along with basic features, the developers of OkCupid are providing special options that make it possible to get advanced experience without paying for each of them. Here, everyone will find what they are looking for. Finally, an attentive support system and detailed FAQ section make OkCupid stand out of numerous dating sites. Thus if you want to have a good time and meet some interesting interlocutors, this portal deserves having a try.

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