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Ourtime Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Ourtime Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 45-70
Profiles 1 128 236
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Members' base of Ourtime is shared with a couple of other websites and reaches millions;
  • The site has a lot of real feedback on the dates and meeting, real profiles, and effective communication tools;
  • Different types of relationships are possible on the site (from the hookup to friendship);
  • Affordable subscription fees;
  • Well-structured profile and guidelines accompanying the registration form;
  • Both options user search and website matching are available, which increases the chances of having more matches;
  • Both options user search and website matching are available, which increases the chances of having more matches;
  • Not only is emailing possible but an instant messaging option.
  • Peculiar refund policies and subscription purchase policies. Make sure to turn off the auto-renew for the subscription not to be charged twice;
  • The customer support agents should be quick to react to customer inquiries;
  • Weak profile verification procedure leads to numerous fake accounts.

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The service Ourtime website introduced is similar to many modern dating sites. The difference is in the age of the target audience. This service is focused primarily on people who reached their 50s and remained single or became single. There are numerous reasons people become single at an older age, and there are not so many platforms that offer these people to get back into the world of dating. Ourtime reviews show that dating knows no age, and love has no restrictions or borders. A person can have a great time going on dates, having hookups, one-night stands, or starting a new relationship at any age.

With the Ourtime website, users come to see how modern dating works for older people. However, it is not the only category represented because many young people fall for silver singles. Hence, the results of a diverse audience on such a website that seemed to be a niche one.

Talking about the brand’s history, it was started in 2011 and is owned by a giant of the industry, People Media. The company specializes in creating niche websites and owns at least a dozen of those. Hence, the quality of the service is of a high standard. It has a well-developed platform, a strong support team, and numerous features that attract customers. The brand has a competition nowadays, but it seems like the client base is enough to stay afloat for decades. Another benefit of being a part of such a large holding is that People Media integrates various dating sites’ membership pools. For example, Ourtime users will see members of SeniorsMeet as well and two more similar websites. It all helps people increase their chances of meeting someone sooner and saves their time registering on numerous resources.

Ourtime Review

Website Design & Layout

Ourtime review of the layout resulted in a positive impression. It looks like the site is straightforward and does not require the user to sit ages on how to use it. It is clear what to do and how to register. The homepage has only two buttons that are vital for the platform. These are the ‘Search Now’ button, which takes you to login or registration form and the ‘Login’ button.

After you click on one of those buttons, you will have either the registration form to fill in or your login details if you have an account already. The registration form gives you questions one by one. It is one of the drawbacks of the platform. The form could be presented to you on one page, and you could have finished it quicker. In this case, you need to wait for the next question to come up. Besides, you cannot use the auto fill-in of your contact details because it does not respond to that. Sometimes the issues might appear if you do not type in the information like email manually. Notice that the site gives you two locations to select from Canada or the United States. Hence, you can already understand where most of the users come from. After you fill in the registration form, take a look at the bottom menu of the site. It contains a lot of sections, and all the titles are written in small blue letters. It is one of the drawbacks of the design. Some important sections like ‘Contact us’ are placed in an unnoticeable location. It is also not clear what the ‘Contact us’ section means. If you click on it, you will see a Help center that is useful on registration.

Not less important section of the site is ‘Safety tips.’ Click on the section to find more about online communication and its potential threats. Everything about how to remain safe and how to identify a scammer can be found there. Besides, you can find the company’s contact details and important establishments in case of an incident.

Website Design & Layout

How to Become a Member?

Becoming a member of the site takes about five minutes. All you need to do is to fill in the registration form with a couple of basic questions. On the positive side, the registration does not require long verification and does not force you to fill in the whole profile at once. But it also does not have registration via Facebook option, which would be much more convenient.

Profile Essentials

When you open your Ourtime profile, you can see:

  • Profile photo
  • Message/Flirt options
  • About me section
  • My photos
  • Nickname and age of the user
Profile Essentials

These are the basic essentials of the profile composition. However, the ‘About me’ section can be as detailed as you want. It is not obligatory to fill it in with your life’s whole story, starting from the place where you were born. All you need there is a couple of sentences about your:

  • Interests, hobbies, favorite places of vacation, dream vacation, maybe a description of a place for a date;
  • Occupation and daily routine (housewive, driver, working from home, etc.);
  • Values (family-oriented, like to be alone, etc.);
  • Intentions on this site (find a travel partner, spouse, a date, etc.).

The photo gallery is supposed to have at least three photos. Try to upload different photos with different backgrounds. If you have all selfies, the person might not see clearly how you look, so it is recommended to have a full-height photo.

Your profile will be seen by all the users, regardless of their subscription plan. If you want to have some private photos, you can lock them and share them with the chosen people. Note that there might be some fake user profiles on the site. To identify one, you need to start a conversation. If the user is pushy, persists on a meeting, or asks for favors, you need to report it. More on that can be found in the ‘Safety Tips.’

Safety Tips

Special Functions

  • ‘Promote Me’ is a bundle that makes your profile the top one. You have become the most popular and visible person on the site for some time. It is not a permanent state. However, using the service from time to time brings you more admirers.
  • ‘Gifts.’ These virtual presents are sent to people when you want to congratulate them or show your appreciation, but it is too early for the real materialistic stuff. A gift can be a flower, chocolates, or anything else you can think of. It can be sent as a greeting and a conversation starter.
  • ‘Profile Pro.’ Remember how you cheated when writing your essays at school? Well, it is high time to use that option again. If you want to have an outstanding profile but lack imagination and not enough words to describe how cool you are, the team of writers will help you. Get them to see what you wrote, rephrase and fix it and your profile will be gleaming.
  • ‘Connect me’ is an alternative to text messages. Instead of using the instant messenger on the site, you can be assigned a phone number to call the user. It usually means that your conversations are being taken to a more serious level, and you are potentially getting into a serious relationship.
  • ‘Notify Me.’ By enabling this feature, you start receiving notifications when your crush is online. It is a good way to stay in touch with people as often as they are using the service.
  • ‘Match Me.’ This service means that you are requesting to be put on someone’s matches list. You receive your daily matches. They are selected automatically by the website. It uses your profile for that and location. Since the list of users is huge, you might not get on that list daily. Hence, ask for it and get guaranteed attention.
Special Functions

How does Mobile App Function?

Ourtime website is a much more successful version of the platform than the app. It has been ages since the app was updated. It was never presented properly, and the bugs are still not fixed. The Help Center on the site posted a reply about the problems with the app. It says that they are working on it, but currently, it suffers from glitches, asks for updates, and does not work properly. So, a piece of advice is to use the website, not the app. From what we know so far, the app was developed for iOS and Android. Installing the app is free and quick. You can also install the app on iPads.The only benefit of the app so far is the smartphone size in case you want to use it on the go. Hopefully, there are more improvements to come.

How does Mobile App Function

Other Functions

  • Profile checks by the Ourtime website employees. Since the website has a lot of users, it is hard to manage the number of profiles. There is no verification procedure on the stage of registration. Hence, the solution to that was to create profiles that would use the site and check the serviceability and other users as well. Remember that the site manager would never ask you to disclose your login information or payment details. They would only talk to you about routine stuff and life. If you are asked for personal data, you are dealing with the scam. Numerous users complained in Ourtime reviews about this issue.
  • ‘Reply for free.’ Although it sounds like someone should be entitled to the free replies to the messages, the rules are different. The user with a paid subscription can use the token to pay for the communication with someone who has a free account. Although it is a free of charge reply for the free user, it is paid for by the other person.
  • ‘Boosts.’ Another resource that makes you more popular on the site is a boost. You can get as many as you want, but they tend to be used quickly. When you apply the boosts to your account, it becomes popular, comes up in the searches, and is highlighted for other users. It is similar to ordering the advertising for your profile. You need to be online while the booster is working since the results will be instant. People will text you and will start viewing your profile.
Other Functions

What Services Can be Used Free of Charge?

Unfortunately, Ourtime review of prices and subscription plans has not identified trial periods or any discount for new users. The free features that users are entitled to are:

  • Setting up their account & uploading photos;
  • Using basic search filters;
  • You are receiving a limited number of matches daily.

What Services are Used for Fee?

With the paid subscription plan, you can feel like a king. All the features become available to you, and the unlimited opportunities come. With the more communication features available, you can set up more dates and start more conversations. The inbox of a free user and a paid one differs in the number of incoming chats. Plus, the paid account is entitled to video and phone calls. The other features you pay for are:

  • ‘Notify me.’
  • ‘Promote me.’
  • ‘Gifts’
  • ‘Match Me’
  • Alerts when your message is read
  • Alert when the user you like is online
  • Your messages get highlighted in other user’s inbox.

The subscription options are the following:

  • The most alluring offer is ‘Best Value Plan’ that costs $19.96 per month and $119.76 in total.
  • The standard plan for one month costs $34.96
  • The standard plan for six months costs $15.95 per month and $95.76 in total.

Besides, you can get the tokens for separate features:

  • 55 tokens cost $2.99
  • 110 tokens cost $5.99
  • 280 tokens cost $9.99

It is worth spending money with Ourtime website because it unites a couple of other platforms’ membership pool. So, you are investing in something great that will bring you the desired result. It is a matter of time and your wishes.

Payment Details

Payment Details

To pay for the subscription or tokens, you can use your credit card or PayPal account. You can also opt for the payment via the app if you managed to install it to your phone. Note that it automatically sets itself to auto renewal whenever you get the subscription and attach the credit card to your account. A common issue with the Ourtime website is the auto renewal. Although it is mentioned in terms of use, all users seem to miss that passage. The website is not scamming you. The service exists for the convenience of users who want the subscription to renew automatically if they forget. If your plan expires, you lose the conversations and cannot reply to the incoming messages. Hence, check your account settings before deciding which membership plan you want and how long you want it. Also, note that the whole amount is charged at once. You do not pay the six months subscription in monthly installments but bulk. In case you are from Canada, but the prices on the site are in the USD, make sure you take into account the currency conversion rate.


Is there a way for me to see the profiles that visit my page?

You need to purchase a standard subscription or value plan to see the visitors of your profile.

How do I recover my Ourtime password?

Suppose you forgot the password, do not panic since it takes a couple of minutes to restore it. Open the login page and click the button to restore the password. Enter your email and wait for the code to come. After that, you will receive the code and link to the page where you can create a new password. Make sure you change your password in case you get the default one from the moderator.

How do I recover my Ourtime password

Is Ourtime a Free of Charge Platform?

Ourtime is not a free of charge platform. It does not have a free trial version and discounts. It has a couple of features like registration and setting up the account for free, but the rest requires subscriptions.

I Encounter Identical Accounts Regularly. Is There an Issue with the Website/App?

It is recommended to contact the customer support of the website with this request. If possible, send them the screenshots of the issue, so they could react quicker.

How does Blocking Help to Isolate Other Users?

Blocking prevents the user from seeing your account and messaging you.

Where is the Option to ‘Block’ Located?

Block the user with the help of the button on their profile or the incoming message in your inbox.


Ourtime is a convenient and simple service that serves the needs of outfits’ target audience perfectly. It is a platform that has everything a person who is dating at 50 needs. It has a simple matching algorithm that is more than enough since it is also free of charge. It has simple interaction tools that do not require much effort from the user. It does not have a complicated registration & verification procedure. Lastly, it is affordable.

Whether you are new to the dating world or not, your first rodeo, Ourtime website, will be a pleasant surprise. Among the reasons why you have to try it is the membership pool. You will not find a pool that large anywhere else – the giant holdings like this one own not many websites. Although the website is not different in design from other company websites, it is not an obstacle for people who came to get the result and meet a person, not assess the site’s design. Another important issue that Ourtime review identified is safety policies. The website allows you to protect yourself in all ways possible. You have an option to report and block users, their messages, and make your profile hidden. There is no need to share your ID or any other documents with the website for verification. If you are looking for a real, secure dating site, your search should lead you to the Ourtime dating platform.

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