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SilverDaddies Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

SilverDaddies Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 95%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 40-55
Profiles 27 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • SilverDaddies website offers a unique experience for people to open up about their desires and feel the freedom of speech and no judgment;
  • It does not cost an arm and a leg, even more, has a set of free features;
  • The membership base allows users to find matches daily;
  • The interaction tools are not limited by text communication but have chatting and video features;
  • The profiles have a lot of visuals;
  • Every user, regardless of the status, can use basic searching filters to find potential matches;
  • The service has positive feedback from real users and websites with online service assessments.
  • The technical side of the platform is not very strong. It glitches at times;
  • The design of the profile and the site overall is appalling since it is outdated;
  • SilverDaddies review of the app states that it is a trial version that is not compatible with all the devices;
  • Basic search is very primitive, and the advanced options come for a fee only.

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The SilverDaddies website is a meeting spot for men eager to keep their daddies over the moon. You are welcome to join and check out for other users, but it will be hard to find someone else but a sugar daddy and a young male looking for one.

It is hard to say whether you can find a long-term committed relationship on the website. It is mostly created for people who look for casual sexual intercourse or dating without many obligations. The mature men will find it more attractive than any other website. SilverDaddies website caters to the needs of the richer and older males who want to have their fantasies come to reality with the younger partners. All the site features are created to facilitate a good quality interaction between users that results in physical pleasure.

The company was launched in 2002. At that time, it was one of the niche platforms that focused on a small audience. However, the reality exceeded expectations, and thousands of users joined the site. Hence, it is a niche website, but its membership pool is immense.

From the SilverDaddies reviews on the Internet, we can state that the user activity is high. Around two thousand people are active on the site daily. To check that, log in to the platform a couple of times a day and see who is there. Since the website is active in many countries, there are always many users online. The time zones do not matter. The homepage of the site has a column with the stars. Take a look at the right sidebar, and you will see the people who logged in lately. It gives you the nickname, country, and age. Regardless of nationality and race, the website accepts all users without discriminating against anyone’s rights. Although it has a poor design, its reputation is flawless. It is an acknowledged fact that the platform created very favorable conditions for people to meet each other hence gained the love of the gay and lesbian community.

SilverDaddies Review

Website Design & Layout

Let’s start with the good things about the website. Firstly, it has a multilingual interface, and the user is offered to switch to German, Spanish, French. Find the button in the top left corner and click on the needed flag.

The left sidebar is called ‘Site navigation.’ It contains the main sections of the site highlighted in blue. From the point of view of design, it looks tasteless, but on the other side, it is a very convenient placement. So, what sections can you find on the site:

  • Login
  • Create profile
  • Search
  • Galleries (daddies/admirers)
  • Chat and video chat
  • Videos (adult content)
  • News Feed
  • References to other resources
  • Terms of Use and About the site
  • Help Center

Website Design & Layout

Without registration, the user cannot start browsing profiles. However, click on galleries, and you will be able to see some photos of men. Contacting them will not be possible without having your account, but you can assess what kind of audience is there. The galleries of daddies and admirers are separated.

Another section that you need to pay attention to is the ‘Help Center.’ Click on it to open the list of possible issues. You are offered a drop-down menu to select the keyword for the questions. The most popular categories of the questions are:

  • Profile related issues (changing the information, verification, issues with the email);
  • Interaction problems (bad connection, bad picture from the camera);
  • Billing issues;
  • Privacy policies and protecting personal data.

As soon as you select the question, you get another field that clarifies it and gives you the pre-written answer. If that does not sort out your problem, you get the link to click on to send the email to the support agent.

How to Become a Member?

Becoming an officially registered member on the SilverDaddies website does not require you to be a rocket scientist. It is a straightforward and quick process with a little typing needed. Note that before you sign up to become a member of the site, you need to look through the terms. It is vital for the type’s websites since they deal with the adult content, and you need to know your rights and obligations. Another important thing on the stage of registration is verifying your e-address. The site will not let you through if you do not confirm that your email is valid and you have access to it. Even if it looks like your profile is active, without the verification, you will see the incoming messages without the ability to open them.

As to the very registration form, it is extended and detailed. It looks like the profile is supposed to present all possible aspects of your life. Before you jump to the form, you get three alerts and the request to sign the terms and conditions. One alert reminds you to write the textual description of your profile and be honest with it. The next one says that you need to have a good photo of yourself. Lastly, the valid contact details, so the verification goes smooth. The next step is to click to sign the terms and conditions and fill in the following fields:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Height/Weight
  • Sexuality
  • Marital status
  • City
  • Preference
  • Bio
  • Photo
  • Agree/disagree to receive notifications
  • Profile Active
How to Become a Member

The field ‘Profile Active’ requires you to put a tick if you want to be seen. It means that the users will see you in search results. In case you want to be not seen but see other users, take the tick off that box, and you will become incognito.

Profile Essentials

SilverDaddies review of the registration form identified a serious approach to profile quality. Hence, you will see that most users have a lot of information on the profile. It makes it more interesting to browse the website. As soon as you type in your criteria in searches, you get a couple of results, and it might take you hours to read everything and look through their galleries. People are also generous with photos. Note one more thing about the photo uploads. The moderators check all accounts, and they will not give you a pass with one photo only. The site is striving to have good quality profiles only, so you need to have about five pictures to be approved. Mind that the quality of the pictures should also be proper. It should be you on the image without any other people. Your facial features should be visible.

Your profile can be managed in terms of privacy. If you want to have it closed from the public eye, you need to go to settings and set it to the inactive mode. In that way, you can still browse and contact people, but they will not find you in searches. Although SilverDaddies website has a lot of users, it seems like a very small and tight community. People treat each other respectfully, and the atmosphere is very open-minded and positive. Hence, when working on the profile information, make sure you are honest about your intentions, preferences, and bio in general. There is no need to lie about things like your occupation, desires, and fantasies. Unless you want to leave it private and disclose only in private conversations, in that case, write it down in the profile, so people could understand that you are willing to talk.

The website protects your data and does not share any content with a third party. The same applies to the visuals you upload; they are not shared without your consent. When it comes to your private conversations, the site cannot protect you. If you shared contact details or explicit content, it is up to you to take the risk. Mind that SilverDaddies does not block screenshots or screen recording features that most users have on their phones.

Profile Essentials

Special Functionals

  • ‘Marketplace’ is a section that contains the content for adults. It is like a small pornography website. It has links to order DVD’s or watch some trailers online. It has gay and mature gay porn mostly.
  • ‘Galleries’ play a vital role on the site. Some users prefer not to use the search tool but go to the album right away. For example, if you open the ‘Younger gallery,’ you can see photos of males, so you can jump to the profile you like right away.
  • ‘Links’ is a section that takes you to the most popular gay porn and other adult content websites. You can find recommended resources there. They are loved and watched by most customers of the site.
  • ‘News Feed’ is a unique feature that the site has. It is not only a SilverDaddie review of the website but the updates. The feed gets updated regularly. Based on customer complaints, the developers fix bugs and sort out other issues. Later on, they report on the news feed, what was fixed and what was introduced. For example, there were lots of updates recently on photo management on the site. The new picture formats were added and new filters for categorizing the pictures in the galleries.
Special Functionals

On Mobile App

A lot of customers were not satisfied with the way the app worked. Since the users are mostly older people, they found it challenging to deal with the bugs. The desktop version was in priority for them. However, things are looking better now since the developers are fixing the app for iOS. The latest news in the news feed was informed about the bugs being fixed. If you have any complaints about your app, let the support know, since they seem to react to it pretty quick. Unfortunately, Android users do not have a chance to try the app. They can use the mobile version of the site from their browser. Note that if you want to install the app on iOS, whether iPhone or iPad, you need to make sure that you installed all the updates to your phone.

On Mobile App

Additional Functions

  • ‘Light version.’ The website developers created another website interface for people who want to use the service in public or at work and need to have the content covered. Since it is a website for adults, you can see many explicit content, nudity, etc. Hence, the users can pay for the subscription and get access to one of the premium features.
  • The blocking feature is not available to all users. If you want to limit the user’s access to your profile, you have to pay for the subscription. Until that time, the user will be able to text you and see your profile unless you hide everyone’s profile. Go to your settings and take the tick off from the section ‘Profile active’.

What Services Can be Used Free of Charge?

SilverDaddies website offers a generous set of options for users who do not want to spend money on dating. They are welcome to register and set up the profile without spending a dime. Later on, they can upload the photos to the gallery and even send two messages to the match. Besides, they can open the profile on the site, watch photos in galleries, and even join the video chat.

What Services Can be Used Free of Charge

What Services are Used for a Fee?

The owner of the website has a profile on the SilverDaddies website. He is the one introducing the improvements, reporting on the bug fix, and other updates. The site was launched as a free service, but to maintain it, some budget is needed. Hence, the owner is encouraging people to support the site by getting the subscription. The subscription price is not high and is quite affordable for a person with an average income.

  • 3 months plan costs $15
  • 6 months plan costs $30
  • 9 months plan costs $40
  • Year-long plan costs $50

What do you get when you pay for the plan?

  • Check out who looked at your profile
  • Get your list of favorites
  • Have access to the status of people from your list of favorites
  • See when the person last logged in
  • Unlimited communication with all users
  • Create notes on profiles
  • Get access to a particular version of the website that is camouflaged to be used in public (no explicit content and even a logo of the site are visible).

Payment Details

SilverDaddies review of payment options is not impressive. It supports the traditional way of using the credit/debit card or sending cash. Since sending cash is considered the least of the safest ways to pay for something, it is not recommended to resort to that option. Note also that the shortest subscription lasts three months. The prices are indicated in USD and Euro. Yet, when you send the money via bank, the conversion fee might be taken off you. To know for sure, you need to contact your banking institution.

Payment Details


Is there a way for me to see the profiles that visit my page?

You need to purchase premium features access or, in other words, subscription to see the list of people who looked at your profile.

How Do I Recover My SilverDaddies Password?

If you lost the password, open the login form and click on the option ‘Forgot your login information.’ Note that you will be asked to indicate the email which you used for registration. In case you lost the details to that email, contact the support of the website.

Is SilverDaddies a Free of Charge Platform?

SilverDaddies website was developed as a user-friendly platform that has both paid and non-paid features. The paid features are called premium, and non-paid are called standard.

I Encounter Identical Accounts Regularly. Is There an Issue with the Website/App?

If you noticed the duplicate profiles, address the site’s support, preferably with the profile photo or description.

How Does Blocking Help to Isolate Other Users?

If you block someone, the user cannot send you a message. It is an option available to so-called ‘supporting users,’ meaning the users who purchased the subscription.

Where is the Option to ‘Block’ Located?

The option to block the profile is located on the very profile page or the incoming message.


SilverDaddies review is a useful piece that shows you how to register and act on the site. Every platform has specific requirements for users and has a specific aim. Not every platform can satisfy all your needs. The range of the services that SilverDaddies website covers is wide, but it does not include marriage and serious relationships. Knowing that you will understand why nobody is offering you a commitment.

So, who is the target customer of the service? The two types of people dominate. Firstly, young males searching for their place under the sun are not sure about their relationship views. They want a daddy to guide them in life and shelter them. The other type is the daddy, who is looking for fresh blood. As long as you understand the rules of the game, playing becomes more effortless. You get a clear understanding of what kind of game the users are playing.

If you are an old-fashioned person and like to sit on your PC or laptop, communicating with people, you are welcome to access the platform’s desktop version. For more active people who spend most of the time on the go, the SilverDaddies app is the best solution to stay in touch with the matches.

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