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Swinglifestyle Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Swinglifestyle Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 25-50
Profiles 16 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.7
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A large membership base enables high daily activity;
  • Swinglifestyle arranges parties and other kinds of events that unite the users located in the same area or traveling there;
  • There are no restrictions for the members to join although couples dominate it, singles are more than welcome too;
  • The service has been on the market for two decades with a flawless reputation;
  • Unites swingers from the whole world and creates a safe environment for them to have discussions an exchange of experience;
  • Well-designed layout of the desktop version;
  • Swinglifestyle is available on Google Play and App Store.
  • If you want to refund your money, it hardly will be possible, most likely that you won’t;
  • Registration using the social network account is not available;
  • Members without a subscription cannot message other users.

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One of the pioneering swinger dating sites, Swinglifestyle, has been functioning since 2001. Niche dating websites are probably one of the best things invented in our century. Dating has become more than just looking for a person to have a traditional relationship with. You can find tons of websites for couples, for bisexual persons, and transsexual dating sites. Being single is not the only status that allows you to use dating sites. Couples are entitled to have their fun. Orgies, gangbangs, swinger parties, and many other events are organized by the Swinglifestyle website.

To define the site’s target audience, one needs to take a look at the membership pool. The Swinglifestyle review of members shows couples predominantly. However, singles are not rare as well. The sexual orientation of users also varies. You can find straight and gay couples of both genders. You can often find the whole group of people looking for locations and events to organize. With the Swinglifestyle, one can notice that married life is not as dull as some people think.

It is hard to imagine nowadays that swinging would be a banned concept some decades ago and not accepted widely. Not many countries acknowledged the activity and created various obstacles on the way for people who wanted to practice it. Only with the development of technology and society in general, some countries started talking about it. Among the countries that support the activity broadly are Germany, the UK, and France. These European spots are believed to be in the origin of the activity. However, the United States is catching up. The daily activity rate on the site reaches a couple of thousands of users. Taking into account that couples create some profiles, the numbers can be easily doubled.

Swinglifestyle Review


To be fair, the first impression of the site is not very pleasant. You can say it is classy but also outdated. The colors of the homepage are grey and white. The fonts are not modern. Besides, the homepage is crammed with the information, sections, and buttons.

When you open the homepage, the registration/login form is on the left. The links to download the app are on the right. The rest of the page is filled with an explanation of the service and offers to join as an affiliate to promote it.

The top menu contains the following sections:

  • Bliss Cruise
  • Topless Travel
  • Fantasy Lube

On the right sidebar menu, you can find more sections of the site:

  • Forums
  • Blog
  • Clubs
  • Groups
  • Parties

Besides, on the right top corner, you can see the button that turns on Swinglifestyle radio. The music now accompanies browsing profiles, talking to people. The radio plays the best tunes that set you to the right mood.

As the Swinglifestyle reviews state, the site is in a dire need for upgrades. However, it is not a reason not to register. The times will change, and the platform will eventually go through the updates, and meanwhile, the users can enjoy the set of practical communication features.

Swinglifestyle Usability

Review of Signing Up Process

Firstly, Swinglifestyle does not have a connection to the social networks, so you will have to register the traditional way. Before you register, note that the users should all be 18+. Prepare the profile photo and start your registration.

Since the Facebook login is not possible, you need to have an email address that you can use for registration. Note that this address will be later used to send you the notifications and restore your password in case it is lost. Besides, you need to have a username that is unique and not used by anyone else. The username does not have to be serious or include your name. It can be anything your imagination desires. The registration form offers you to select a gender (male, female, couple) and enter a security code. All in all, the process will take not more than five minutes.

Review of Signing Up Process

Profile Layout

The Swinglifestyle review of the profile identified a lot of positive features. It is a detailed and useful page with a logical structure. Most profiles on the site are not describing just one person. They represent a couple of people. So, there are many fields. The profiles look like a box. You can see the profile photo on the right, and the gallery section is on the top. If you click on the gallery, the box’s left side will become filled with the photos. The thing about photos is privacy settings. If you want to cover it and show privately, you are welcome to manage your privacy settings.

The bottom of the page contains a couple of actions that can be done to the profile. These are:

  • Mail
  • Friend
  • Certify
  • Notes
  • Block
  • Invite
  • Private
  • Report
  • Personal

There is also basic information about the partners if it is a couple or a single user. It contains the info on the age, gender, height, and other (f.e. drinker or non-drinker). The other fields on the profile are:

  • Interests
  • Looking for
  • Description
  • Fantasies
  • Additional comments

Profile Layout

These sections are descriptive. In the field where you describe interests, you can have hobbies or something related to your sexual experiences. The same applies to the description section. Put down everything you consider to be essential for the other user. Besides, put the things you are ready to try and things you want to avoid. Warning the user before they start talking to you about something unpleasant is the best option.

More Tools

  • Clubs for swingers. If you are wondering how many swingers are in your area, check out the website map. You are not only able to find the people but their locations and clubs. You can also join the club to participate in various events. In most cases, the club would conduct private events that you can know about only if you are a member of the site and the club.
  • Stories. The section with swinger stories is full of exciting readings. It can be an erotic fairy tale you can read before going to sleep. The stories are divided into categories (lesbian, MILF, Female Dominant, etc.).
  • Parties. To attend the party, you need to check out the calendar of the events. Besides, you can post a hot date on the site and find your plus one to go to such a party.
  • Other Events. The website is not only arranging traditional dancing and drinking parties; it arranges sexual meetings for interested people. It can be an orgy or any other kind of group sex.
  • Travel with Swinglifestyle. When you open the homepage, you can see the section Bliss Cruise. Click on it to see the schedule of the cruises with Swinglifestyle. You are welcome to jump on one of the dates that are suitable for you. The cruises have various destinations. They usually happen around the resort areas of Africa and Europe.

More Tools

Is There a Mobile Version?

The website launched the apps recently and tried to promote them among users. Since the swinging community’s activities require meeting in person or video camera, the app did not become more famous and used than the website. However, it fits the purpose. Firstly, it is free of charge, and it does not require any paid updates or similar money consuming maintenance procedures. It does not take long to download and install it. Make sure that your phone is updated for the app to work smoothly. It also does not have any bugs.

The drawback detected with the mobile app is the different name of the app. Android and iOS users are supposed to look for it under a different name. There are no links on the desktop version, but you can easily find the app on both platforms as ‘SLS Official Swinger Community.’ It is a little confusing since it sounds like a different service but has the same symbol. The app has a multilingual interface and a good rate in both online stores.

What Else Is There to Do on the Site?

  • Forum. Although the design, if the site looks outdated, the team is working on its content. Forums are filled and updated with fresh articles, case studies, and other educational materials on the swinger lifestyle topic. The forum is a vital section for new users who are not very confident in their knowledge of this lifestyle and may feel confused and scared.
  • Blog. Another section that promotes and educates about the swinger lifestyle. More experienced users are happily sharing their knowledge with the freshman. It is one of the favorite sections of everyone using the Swinglifestyle website.
  • Toys, Lubes, DVD’s. The website advertises a lot of things related to the swinger lifestyle. Among such things are toys, recordings, lubes and
  • Swinger Links. The section serves as a resource base for people who want to know more about the lifestyle. It will link you with any type of expert or material you need to read about your problem or just to satisfy your curiosity.
  • Date. If you have time and wish to meet in person for a real date, the calendar’s date is to let everyone know. You can find a person, a couple, or a couple of people to spend some quality time with you doing whatever you want.
What Else Is There to Do on the Site

Non-Paid Services

A lot of features on the Swinglifestyle website come for free. Hence, many users enjoy their accounts without the subscription. In general, it is an alarming tendency, since giving your payment details to the site is at least some proof of your identity.

The first free feature is browsing the website since it is in public access. Some photos on the profiles will be locked, as well as many profiles. If you wish to open the photos for users, it is recommended to exclude nudity from them. Another thing to remember is that your capabilities are limited, so you will not spend many hours on the site. You can send not more than five emails and look at fifty profiles. It can take you less than an hour, and you can run out of the activities unless you are interested in attending the events and joining the club. You can check out the sections ‘Bliss Cruise,’ ‘Fantasy Lube’, and ‘Topless Travel.’

Non-Paid Services

Similarly to other dating platforms, Swinglifestyle gives you a boost with the purchase of the subscription. It does its best to give you as many features as possible within the selected plan. In particular, being a premium member of this service means that you can access all the profiles on the site, message them without restrictions, and upload private content to your profile. Besides, you can create and join groups and forums.

You have to select the plan you want to purchase out of the following:

  • One month for $14,95
  • Three months for $29.95
  • Six months for $49.95
  • Or a one year for $69.95

Another option is to get the membership plan called ‘Lifetime.’ It costs $149.95. Some features that come with the ‘Lifetime’ package are:

  • Access to all profiles without limitations, blurred photos, etc.;
  • Becoming an affiliate;
  • Creating and joining groups;
  • Send emails.

Payment Info

Swinglifestyle website uses traditional payment systems. You can select the credit card or cheque payment. If you want to pay via the app, you need to have your credit card attached. The difference in paying via app and desktop version is in the degree of sharing your payment details. If you pay via the app, you do not share any details with the site, unlike when you do it via desktop and fill in the credit card information. Regardless, the website is protected by the SSL certificate, and all the payments are processed transparently. There were no hidden commission fees detected so far. Unless you enter from a different country or your card has a different currency from USD. Note the conversion rate and the rules applied by your banking institution. Another thing to check before paying is the limit for online expenses. You might need to increase it.

Payment Info


Where Can I Find the List of My Profile Visitors?

Log in to the system, and you will see the profile page. You can see the left sidebar with the options to manage it and the middle column with a couple of horizontal sections. The first one is ‘Who viewed me.’ The section says that it should be enabled, meaning that the free user cannot see it. If you paid for it recently, time should pass for it to be enabled. It will not show you yesterday’s visitors, only the visitors who came after you enabled the feature.

How Can I Login to My Swinglifestyle Profile if I Forgot the Password?

The details of the account are restored quickly. If you indicate a correct email during registration, the instructions will come to your email address. It will be either a new password or a link to the form that asks you to type in a new password yourself.

Is Swinglifestyle a Free of Charge Platform?

It is not a free platform. It has a set of free features. However, it offers subscription plans and a lot of perks with them.

I See Identical Profiles. What Is the Reason for That?

It can be a glitch in the app or the desktop version, as well as the bug of your device. Contact the support of the website to find out more details on your particular situation.

How Does Blocking Influence the User?

You can block the user if you want to stop communicating with them. As soon as you click the ‘block’ button, the messages will not come through. Even if the user clicks send and it looks like they have been sent out, you will not receive anything.

Where to Find the ‘Block’ Button?

The user profile has a section ‘Notes.’ Click on the section to open it and find the button ‘Block.’ If you want to report the user, you need to provide the reason. Meanwhile, it is different from the ‘Block.’ Simply click on it, and you are all sorted.


Swinglifestyle is an old-fashioned and classy service. It united people who are looking for freedom of expression and practicing the sexual activities they like. With the invention of this type’s platforms, the world witnessed the number of followers the activity has. Swinger events are organized around the world daily. Swinglifestyle facilitates a lot of occasions for people to meet. Besides having parties, it organizes private events, concerts, conferences, and seminars. It is a platform that lets people share and exchange their experiences and get more pleasure from something they like doing so much. The website has a lot of features that will surprise you. Taking into account the outdated design, you would not expect it to offer you much. However, it works with all the countries in the world and reaches even the most isolated locations. Among the matching principle’s benefits is the freedom to look anywhere on the map, point to a place, and see who lives there. Unlike many modern apps that work based on GPS data, Swinglifestyle lets you decide what part of the swinging world you want to discover and with who. The search filters are excellent, and they allow you to have lots of search results, even if you are searching for transsexual dating sites. Whatever filters you select, there will also be enough candidates for you to afford to be picky. So, it is fair to say that Swinglifestyle is one of the leading swinger dating sites on the market without any hesitation.

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