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Tagged Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates

Tagged Review: Tested and Legit Sites to Find Friends & Soul Mates
About Site
Active Audience 91%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 23-25
Profiles 1 700 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 9.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Tagged website offers a diverse range of free features. The users can communicate without paying a dime. Besides, all the profile customizing features are free.
  • About 90 % of members access the platform daily. Besides having millions of users, the app has loyal clients who have been using it for ages;
  • About 95 % of profiles are legit and checked by the moderators. Users are validated after they register, so there was no need to sacrifice the short registration procedure;
  • Unique ‘tag’ feature.
  • Weak system of GPS search for matches;
  • Simple matching mechanism. It lacks tools and filters as well as analysis of the profiles before matching them;
  • The service was accused of email spamming multiple times;
  • Although the age restrictions exist, there are still numerous underaged users’ profiles since the platform was initially designed for teens.

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The number of dating sites nowadays is impressive. Tagged is one of the bright representatives of such service. The owners and creators aimed at developing another social network and ended up with a cool dating platform. It is fair to say that their expectations were exceeded. What the service is about and what to know before registering will be covered in this Tagged review. This service is full of exciting options that will set you in the right mood for dating and socializing. Read on to see what pros and cons you can encounter and how to turn everything into your benefit.

The brand was started in 2004, so the experience on the market is excellent. It went through merging and rebranding. It appeared that the developers were not creating the dating site specifically, but the market at that time and trends transformed it. If initially, it was focused on the English-speaking countries’ audience, but went on to be popular in many countries of the globe. Hence, the users are welcome to meet people of any nationality, occupation, location, and sexual preference.


Tagged Review 2020

The first thing that comes to mind when you see the design of the Tagged website is simplicity. The interface is done in grey, white and black colors. It looks relatively modern and classy at the same time. All the options are logically laid out and do not create an impression of confusion. Although there are a lot of sections, the fonts and their placement are convenient for the user.

Tagged top menu includes sections:

  • Home
  • Profile
  • Likes You
  • Viewers
  • Messages
  • Browse
  • Meet me section
  • Pets

On the left sidebar, you can find notifications or as they called ‘Alerts.’ The top right sidebar also has ‘Alerts’ and ‘Account’ sections that contain all the information about your profile. As a part of a dating service, the Tagged website has a game section. You are free to play games whenever you do not feel like socializing. It is a controversial feature, and the feedback on it is biased. Some users prefer having their dating services separately from the game sites.

On the other hand, the games do not interfere with your dating activity on the site, unless you hate the notifications. You are welcome to manage your alerts in the ‘Alerts’ section, though. In general, the website interface is convenient, and you can set up your profile in a unique way. You are free to post various content, as well.


Tagged Review 2020

Tagged cooperates with Facebook. Creating your profile is easy by typing in your Facebook login and password. It is safe to share the details since the website is SSL protected and will not post your information anywhere. Another option is to use the Google account.

If you want to go a traditional way without connecting to any other social networks, open the homepage and fill in the information required. It is a standard set of things like your age, location, etc. As soon as you provide the basic stuff, your profile is set up. Tagged reviews show that many users tend to leave the profile empty for some time and finish it later on. You are free to decide when you want to complete all the fields or modify your information. A vital part of the profile is the visual part. Ensure some good quality pictures of yourself and not other people. Add some new photos regularly to see that you are attending the profile, and it is not fake.

Signing up takes a couple of minutes and is even easier with the app. It takes seconds to download it and fill in your information. If you experience any issues, check if you have enough memory on your device. Using the phone for registration is easier because you can take a selfie or upload the photo from the gallery right away.

Profile set-up

Tagged Review 2020

Your profile at Tagged needs to have one photo to be displayed. As soon as you upload it, people can see you. Besides, there are many things you can do to decorate your profile and make it more attractive. Firstly, your page’s background has a theme (girly, sports, nature, etc.). Secondly, you can put a GIF as a profile picture. It will be available for everyone to see for free.

Tagged reviews of profiles display a tendency to add visuals, not many photos, and not much text. The focus is on the profile picture and the communication itself. It is fair to say that to be a successful user, and you need to have a cool photo and news feed. People post status updates and share their thoughts a lot. It is similar to the profile pages on Facebook. A significant difference between the two is that you will not be surprised if someone is flirting with you because it is all about being flirty and looking for dates.

Open the profile of another user to see how it looks. It gives the idea of how to manage it better. The left sidebar has a set of options, and the photo is next to it and then the text description. The top part of the profile has your bio, nickname, and image, and the bottom one a newsfeed. The section ‘What’s new’ is a newsfeed where you can post the status updates and photos. You can add users to your friend list, and they will see the updates every time you post something.

Special Features

Tagged Review 2020

Every website nowadays has to have a special feature set that makes it stand out from the crowd. The competition is intense, and the Tagged website and app hold the right positions on all the rankings. The features introduced to the site make it a unique platform that fits for dating and communication. Hence, the membership base is diverse.

  • ‘Skin’ is the website interface feature that allows you to change your page’s theme and set the atmosphere the way you want it. The design of the website is quite straightforward and simple. Hence, you are welcome to paint it the color of your mood. Changing the ‘skin’ is free and has no restrictions. You might do it every day or even every hour.
  • ‘Luv’ is equivalent to coins or scores. Your profile has a bar under the profile photo. When other users open your profile, they have an option to send ‘LUV’ to you. It means that they appreciate and like your profile, but also, the bar turns green. The bar is an indicator of how much attention you receive. Besides, when you are given ‘LUV,’ you get some additional share with someone else. By default, every user has ten units for one day, and the more attention you get, the more you can give.
  • ‘Pet’ is a game you play with other users. The point of it is to purchase and sell users and get your rating up. The higher your rating is the more users like you. You get the points when someone buys you. If you wish to succeed in the game, you need to have coins or so-called credits. You can get them additionally since they are not a part of the subscription.

Mobile Applications

Tagged Review 2020

Tagged has a mobile application, and it is used quite often. As the statistics show, the app is accessed daily by more than 50 % of users. The desktop version is not as popular. The reasons for using the app are numerous. It is free to install it on your device, and it works smoothly. You can open the app regardless of where you are. Even a business meeting is not an obstacle for you to peep into the incoming messages. Another reason to use apps over the desktop version is the convenience of swiping. Tagged version of a well-known swiping game goes under the section ‘Meet Me.’ Open the section, and you will see a profile photo with the three options on top and four on the bottom. The top menu manages your profile, and the bottom one lets you access another user’s presented profile. To find the app, you need to open your apps store or the homepage of Tagged. It has all the needed information on using the service as well as the links for downloading.


Tagged Review 2020

Tagged website has an interesting background. It appeared after the merger of two companies. One of the two was called Hi5. It was an app that started as a social network, and it had some users. The number of users from the old app was about a million. Hence, Tagged started as an app with users. It is now a platform with a multi-million membership base. As a result, the app acquired some of the features from Hi5. One of the features is a multilingual interface. If you want to change the language, open the section ‘Account’ and click on the current interface language’s name. You will have a drop-out list with options like Spanish, French, German, etc.

If you are not looking for attention but want to browse the profile privately, you are free to manage your settings via desktop or app version. You can open your profile, allow comments and photo views to your friends only.

Check out the website’s knowledge base to answer all possible questions about the service and troubleshooting algorithms. Most things you encounter with the app or website are not problems at all and can be sorted within a second. If you do not have a subscription, your requests will not be reviewed in priority. While waiting, open the support page and type in the keyword in the search bar.

Free Services

Tagged Review 2020

Tagged website and app offer a variety of free services. Downloading the app and setting up the profile, including the ‘skins,’ is free. As to the site’s activities, the user can browse profiles freely and have the matches in the section ‘Meet Me.’ Besides, messaging and liking profiles are available to everyone. With the described set of features, the user can go a long way, meet, and socialize.

You can search for people on the site. Not all the users will be available for contacting but the majority. Use the search tool and the filters to select the description of your potential candidate. It should be noted that the search filters are not very diverse. There are apps with more capabilities. However, since it is free, it fits the purpose and gives you enough matches to work with. With the free account, you can text users, but you will not see the notification about whether they read your message. Upgrade to premium to see that.

Fee Based Services

Tagged Review 2020

Some features are presented as fee-based since they are more sophisticated and advanced. The number of these on the Tagged website is not significant. Most interaction features are accessible for free, but the subscription will help you if you want to be on top of the game. Free members cannot see and contact the profiles of newly registered users. If you want to be the first person talking to a newbie, you need to access the option of contacting new users. Another category of users includes the most popular and rated ones on the site. Last but not least is the priority in being serviced by customer support. The users with subscriptions get their issues sorted quicker.

The price of subscription ranges from $4.99 to $9.99 per month, depending on the duration. The one-month membership will renew itself unless you cancel, and every month will cost you $9.99. Meanwhile, the three months membership comes at a price of $6.99 and $20.97 in total. The longest in duration is the six months one, and it costs $29.94 ($4.99 per month).

A separate payment goes for ‘Luv’ improvement. You can get it for $200, $100, $50, $10, or $5, depending on the size of your budget. It will give you a 300%, 200%, 150 %, and 100% boost correspondingly.

Payment Options

Tagged Review 2020

Tagged website and the app support a lot of payment options. It is convenient if you want to pay via the app or the desktop version. If you go for the app subscription purchasing, it is just like any other virtual product you buy with a phone. The transaction happens via your online store, whether it is Apple, Google, or something else. In case you need to claim the reimbursement, you can address the store. Going through the desktop version is not complicated at all. You can use your PayPal account or credit card of any type. Before completing the payment check your limit for online payments and the currency.


How To Access The List Of My Profile Visitors?

Open your profile and take a look at the top menu bar. The section with the visitors of your profile is called ‘Viewers.’

What Is The Procedure For Restoring My Tagged Profile Password?

It would not be a big deal to reinstate the account if you lost the password. Open the homepage of the site and click the ‘Forgot Password?’ option. You will see the field for typing in your email. The instructions are sent to your email and, most probably, the spam folder. In case your account is blocked already, or the email does not come, address the support support@tagged.com. Note that you need to provide the email address which you used for registration.

Is Tagged A Free Dating Platform?

Tagged review of features identified both paid and non-paid options. You can enjoy the free bundles, and whenever you get bored, there is a diverse set of paid features to entertain you.

How Come I Encounter Duplicate Profile Pages?

In case you see duplicate profiles, address this inquiry to the support via email support@tagged.com. It can be a temporary glitch or a more significant issue. The support will reply to you with the questions about your profile and give you an extensive reply.

What Happens When Someone Is Blocked?

According to the site’s policies, every user is entitled to block another user for personal reasons. If you find the user is violating your privacy or want the user not to see your profile, click on the ‘Block User’ button. By doing so, you eliminate your profile from the user searches for this person and remain incognito for them. You can find all the users you blocked in a list in your profile settings.

How Does ‘block’ Button On The Site Work?

Tagged Review 2020

Open the user profile and find the left sidebar. It has many options, and the two options on the bottom enable you to ‘Block’ and ‘Report’ the user. You can either report and indicate the reason for that. In this case, the profile and your explanation will be checked by the moderator. Another option is to ‘Block’ this user and never see him anywhere near your profile again. Unless you want to unlock and then go to the list of blocked users and delete the profile from there.`


Tagged is considered to be a website initially designed to satisfy the needs of teens. However, nowadays, the age categories do not matter anymore, and more people join the service. Most profiles are full of colorful, photoshopped photos. They look for socializing and not that often for relationships. Hookups are not rare as well. All the games and activities that you see on the site are focused on facilitating the communication between people and making it easier to find common grounds. Although the site went through some issues with the email spamming, it is a good deal for the money you pay. Start your journey with section ‘Meet Me’ to see the member base and see what is ahead. In many aspects, it is similar to Facebook. Yet, Tagged managed to stay afloat during the rise of numerous dating sites and similar services.

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